The Block NZ's Chloe Hes introduces her hunky soldier boyfriend

The loved-up pair are busily planning their future. "I've been telling Angus that if kids are anything like being on The Block, it will be easy!" jokes Chloe.

By Cloe Willetts
When The Block New Zealand contestant Chloe Hes cooked up a dinner fit for a soldier three summers ago, it stole the heart of devoted army carpenter Angus White.
"On our third date, I made a big meal of steak, kumara chips, salad and mashed cauliflower that pretty much won him over," laughs Palmerston North's Chloe, 25, one half of this season's dynamic Purple Team. Then boom – four years later and two dogs!"
With their two Rhodesian ridgebacks, the couple live together at the Linton Military Camp compound, but have spent the past few months apart while Chloe films the hit Three series with her best friend Emily Blanchett in Auckland.
"It's normal now for us to be apart because Angus travels a lot for work," explains ex-office administrator Chloe, who met her 26-year-old army boyfriend at a Palmerston North nightclub in 2014.
"We're good at being independent and like our alone time, plus it gives us a healthy balance."
For Angus, joining the army six years ago has taken him to many places, including Vanuatu to build first-aid huts and housing for teachers.
It was while he was in Antarctica this year – which involved a month without phone coverage – that Angus learnt about Chloe's TV venture.
"He found out I'd applied for The Block and thought I was having a quarter-life crisis!" laughs Chloe.
Angus – who adopted beloved dog Django, three, with Chloe when they'd been together just six months – says he admires his lady's drive and determination on screen and reveals she's totally being herself.
"She's a hard worker and everyone likes her," he boasts. "You can't really be angry at Chloe unless the chicken's burnt! Seriously, though, she's definitely wife material."
Although Angus wants to save money before starting any wedding conversations, he happily welcomed another addition to their family, cute 12-week-old pup Stella, last month.
Trying to catch their wee girl as she runs loops around Django, Chloe says it's the first time she's met their fur baby after watching her grow over the past few weeks through photos.
Angus, who chose Rhodesian ridgebacks because of their loyalty and good temperament, plans to breed the two dogs when Stella is 18 months old.
"Everyone loves Django and wants a puppy off him, so we thought we'd get him a girlfriend" he says. "She's good, apart from having no ears at the moment!"
With talk of a possible move to Auckland once filming of The Block ends, the couple also hope to do more travel together after visiting Chloe's family in the Netherlands recently.
"They say if you go travelling together, it's make or break and we made it – just," Angus laughs. "I liked seeing Chloe confident and making decisions in another country, rather than just making decisions at our local supermarket!"
Adding Stella to the brood has been an eye-opener for the young pair, who liken the hyperactive pup to a toddler.
"If having kids is like this, I don't want them!" Angus laughs.
But thanks to running on little sleep for the series, Chloe reckons she's more than prepared for the chaos of motherhood one day.
"I've been telling Angus that if kids are anything like being on The Block, it will be easy!"

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