The Block NZ Firehouse contestants Sophia and Mikaere: 'We'll come out stronger than ever'

“We both work well under pressure and will support each other when it’s tough,” asserts Sophia.

The Turangi-based couple are buzzing with energy when they arrive at our photo shoot – and it would seem nothing could dampen the spirits of this bubbly pair.
But Sophia Gardiner admits there will be one major challenge for them when it comes to appearing on The Block NZ.
"Finding our way around Auckland!" she says with a laugh.
Despite the sleepless nights and the tireless challenges ahead of them, the loved-up blue team, who first met at university 12 years ago, say nothing will jeopardise their relationship.
"We both work well under pressure and will support each other when it's tough," asserts Sophia, 31.
"High-stakes pressure and lack of sleep will test anyone, but I'm sure we'll come away stronger than ever."'
Both artists, the duo believe this will be a big advantage in the competition.
Mikaere, 32, who has won numerous awards for his art and also works as a teacher, explains, "We're very creative and know how to turn vision into reality."
But it wasn't their creative careers that inspired them to sign up for season eight – it was their 10-year-old daughter Frida.
"She's a big fan and convinced us to do it," grins Sophia. "If we win the show, we would use that money to invest in our future as a family and Frida's education."

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