The Block NZ: Question time with Niki and Tiff

Niki and Tiff answer our questions!
The Block NZ

If you’re like us and you can’t get enough of The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys, read on to get to know besties Niki and Tiff. in our quick Q&A.

How will you cope without luxuries for the next few months? Who will be the worst at going without?

Niki: As long as I’ve got some wet wipes I’ll be fine! I’ve travelled a lot so I’m used to living out of a suitcase and surviving on only a few changes of clothes.

Tiff: Not so much worried about luxury but I like having my own space and alone time so that’s going to be hard! I think Niki and I will even be sharing a bed, which will be different as I’ve been living with my partner Sam for so long. I’m sure we’ll work out a routine!

Have you guys ever lived together before? Are you worried about being in each other’s space all the time?

Niki: We haven’t lived together before. I am used to living on my own so it will be weird to be sharing a space 24/7 with someone. We are both pretty chilled out though and will make sure that we support each other and give each other space when we need it.

Tiff: I haven’t had a flatmate for a while so it will be interesting to see how I go with someone in my space, but Niki and I both have pretty communicative personalities so we will suss any bumps along the way.

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Niki: My brain goes to mush if I’m under too much stress and time pressure. The Block NZ will be the ultimate time and pressure cooker, so no doubt you’ll see some moments where I’m not quite with it!

Tiff: My biggest weakness is probably being in control, I’m a natural organiser and for work I often have to manage a team and make decisions on my own – so I have to be considerate to the fact that Niki and I are a team and take on board her opinions too!

How have your jobs prepared you for what’s to come?

Niki: I have to manage time and money – this will be a key to keeping organised on The Block NZ. I was always surprised watching previous teams who didn’t have a handle on their budget.

Tiff: My job is quite similar to the situation on The Block NZ, I am a buyer and set dresser for film and TV so basically I’m used to working long hours on set and day to day I am sourcing and creating to brief, so I think I probably have a good idea of what’s to come.

What were your biggest worries about doing The Block NZ and have you done any preparation for the building site or for being on TV?*

Niki: My biggest worry is that I’ll let Tiff down. If we win it will definitely be down to her styling abilities. My skills are behind the scenes, and if I am not organised enough then we might blow the budget or forget to hire some tradies! In preparation for being on The Block NZ I spent some time on a couple of building sites – mainly being the lackie and trying to learn the names of tools. I am still useless when it actually comes to using the tools though!!

Tiff: My biggest worry is that all the pressure is being put on me design wise. If we fail it’s because of my decisions and mine alone, and that’s hard to know that I have Niki’s success on The Block NZ on my shoulders.

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