The Block NZ: Question time with Dyls and Dylz

Dyls and Dylz answer our questions!
Dyls and Dylz

With The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys already the top of our TV watching list, we sat down with burly builders Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink, aka Big Dyls and Dylz Jr. for a quick Q&A.

What made you want to apply for the Block together?

Big Dyls: “We just thought it would be a wicked thing for us to do. We’re good mates outside of work and we thought it would give us a little bit of an advantage being builders. We’re also competitive guys and we want to win something like this and get ourselves in the housing market.”

How long have you known each other for?

Big Dyls: We’ve known each other for about four and half years. We met at the gym. I was in there training for rugby and Dylz used to be a PT. I just saw him flexing his guns and we started talking and it was love at first sight.”

What makes you two a good team?

Dylz Jr: We communicate really well. I guess we know our roles and our strengths, we’re a good unit.”

Big Dyls is the boss in real life, is he going to be the boss on The Block?

Dylz Jr: “He likes to take charge which is fine by me because obviously he’s experienced with the construction side of things and managing tradies which is a huge bonus for us. I can do all the accounts, all the background stuff and all the errands driving round town and I’m happy with that.”

Are you worried about your lack of design experience?

Big Dyls: “We were worried about it but we’ve worked on it, done lots of research and we think we’ve got a solid idea of the design style we’re going for. I think it might be one of our strengths now.”

What will you miss about home?

Big Dyls: I think I’ll miss my missus, Jen, and my dog. They are going to come up and visit though so that’s good. It definitely helps. Otherwise we’ll be doing the old Skype chats.”

Has Jen taught you any useful skills that you’ll be bringing to The Block?

Big Dyls: Oh yeah definitely, she’s taught me so much. She’s taught me everything I know about soft furnishings. She’s an absolute star.

Do you guys see any tension arising between the two of you?

Dylz Jr: Nah probably not. We’re pretty easy going guys. We work well together. We know each others roles and we stick to them. I’m always there if Dyls needs a hand.

Are you guys worried about losing to a bunch of girls?

Big Dyls: Nah not worried about losing to girls. We’re all friends at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if they’re from Venus and we’re from Mars, we’re all mates!

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