The Block NZ: Meet Niki & Tiff

Get to know Niki and Tiff from The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys

Forget the hair straighteners and curling tongs - Tiffany Mair and Niki Osborne are more worried about having to leave their self-respect at home during their time on The Block NZ! Here are a few key facts to know about the girls:
Name: Niki Osborne & Tiffany Mair
Ages: 29 and 35
Hometown: Christchurch and Wanaka/Melbourne
Occupation: Scientist, Film and TV set designer
Block Strategy: Make friends and have a laugh
Advantage: Tiff's skills as a set designer might help get their renovation finishing touches camera ready, while Niki's fun loving nature will surely shine through the design scheme.
"I like to have a good laugh at myself and I'm not afraid to look like an idiot," Niki says of her strategy for winning over their fellow contestants.
"I don't see why it can't be a competition and friend-making experience at the same time. We've already started to bond. But it doesn't mean I don't want to beat them!" she says.
What to expect this year on The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys
On this season of the hit reality series, each DIY duo will be put to the test renovating a 1980s townhouse in the Auckland suburb of Meadowbank. Dyls and Dylz, Niki and Tiff, Emmett and Sam and Emma and Courtney will all be hoping to take out the title after their gruelling stint at Block HQ this year.
The Block NZ 2016 starts on Sunday the 29th of May at 7pm on TV3, hosted by Mark Richardson and Shelley Ferguson with new judges Fiona McLeod and Paul Izzard.

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