The Block NZ: Andy and Nate reveal who inspires them

The brothers-in-law from this season of The Block dish on team strategy and what's surprised them the most about the show so far.

Andy Murdie, 38, and his brother-in-law Nate Ross, 33, have plenty in common. The DIY duo - who are married to sisters - bonded over their love of surfing, snowboarding and hunting, and now have the shared experience of competing on The Block NZ to bring them even closer together!
With no less than six room reveal wins under their tool belts so far on this season, it's clear the pair's experience (fireman Andy makes furniture in his spare time, while Nate is completing a builder's apprenticeship) has definitely come in handy.
Will they clinch the ultimate victory come auction night on September 17? We'll have to wait and see!
We caught up with Andy and Nate to talk all things Block-related, and what they plan to do with the prize money if they win big!
Watch what they had to say in the video above, and see more of Andy and Nate answering our quick fire questions in the video below.