The Block NZ 2018 contestants reveal the truth behind this season’s fights, feuds and hook-ups

As auction day arrives, the gang gives us the goss.

This season hasn’t been without its fair share of drama. There have been fights, fines, cheating and tears – not to mention speculation of an on-set hookup. But before their homes go to auction on Sunday, the teams have gathered together to give us the lowdown on what really happened behind the scenes.

Ben & Tom

“It’s been too intense!”

When Ben Speedy‘s mum Sandy encouraged him and his best mate Tom Waalkens to sign up for The Block NZ, they never expected it would be quite so hard.

After countless sleepless nights and some shockingly low scores in the room reveals, the Auckland boys are undoubtedly shattered. “The moment we get home, sleep is the first thing on the agenda,” laughs architecture graduate Ben.

“We could have never predicted just how intense this whole thing was.”

If they don’t win the competition, the 24-year-olds say they won’t be walking away empty-handed – they’ve developed a strong connection with their competitors Chloe and Emily, even if they still insist they’re just good mates.

Project manager Tom tells, “There are no surprises that we got on really well with the girls. It would’ve been a very different and much less enjoyable experience without them, so we’ll definitely be friends long after the show is done!”

Amy & Stu

“Bullies won’t beat us!”

They’ve won the most room reveals and have a huge fan following on social media, but Amy Moore and Stu Watts‘ journey on The Block hasn’t been easy, with the Gisborne couple having moments of uncontrollable tears, despite their intention to stay positive throughout the gruelling Three show.

“The lowest point was hitting the wall in week five and dealing with all the negative people who think its OK to bully people they don’t know online,” says beautician Amy, 39, referring to the moment the couple were accused of cheating for having a tradie working on their room after hours.

The other challenge was being away from their children, Amy’s girl Nina, 12, and Stu’s kids Finn, 12, and Zoe, 10.

“We missed our family throughout the competition,” tells plumber Stu, 46. “It’s exciting to be heading home to our friends and most of all the kids, but it’s a little weird leaving the bubble of The Block and returning to normality.”

Claire & Agni

“It’s worth the tears!”

Hamilton lovebirds Claire Rapira and Agni Bhorkar know they’re not everyone’s favourite team. They’ve been attacked on social media, with Agni in particular being slammed as “lazy” online.

Even during the competition, the pair were criticised by site foreman Peter Wolfkamp for failing to meet his standards. But despite the tears, arguments and feuds with other teams, Claire and Agni have come out of The Block happy with what they accomplished.

“This experience has been a massive learning curve – mentally, emotionally and physically,” admits Claire, 25.

“We feel like we are leaving as more well-rounded people, which in itself makes the whole process completely worthwhile.” And as for their infamous feud with rivals Amy and Stu, they insist

it’s now over.

Agni, 23, explains, “Everyone had their highs and lows, but it was amazing sharing this experience with such good people. We definitely look forward to remaining friends moving forwards!”

Chloe & Emily

“We’re the real winners!”

Chloe Hes and Emily Blanchett might not have won a single room reveal during the competition, but that hasn’t affected their trademark confidence.

“We know we’re going to win!” the girls proudly declare in unison, before dissolving into a fit of laughter. The giggles of these wise-cracking Palmerston North besties have become a familiar sound to viewers, but the 25-year-olds have had their share of tough moments on the show.

“We were completely surprised about how much filming is involved and the lack of sleep you actually get,” explains Emily. “The Block never stops.”

Chloe adds, “Not winning a room reveal was probably the hardest thing, but our proudest moment would have to be our master bedroom and en suite. Everything worked so well together and it’s still a winner in our eyes.”

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