The Bachelor NZ: Molly tells all

After a shock elimination last night, we catch up with Molly to get the goss on her time on The Bachelor NZ.

By Keren Sim

More than a few tears were shed on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor NZ as Zac Franich sent Molly Littlejohn home without a rose.

The blonde beauty, who hails from Wellington, was well liked in the house and had formed fast friendships with many of her fellow Bachelorettes.

However, despite scoring a coveted one-on-one date this week, Zac opted to let Molly go, revealing he thought they were at different stages in their lives.

When we caught up with the 23-year-old to chat about her experience on the show, it was clear she held no grudges about the way she left.

“To me I thought I was just a bit too late in the race for it all,” she told our A-List Insider Dom Bowden.

“There was kind of more of a friend vibe going on, and just different life stages and all that jazz. You’ve just got to really click with someone straight away and me and him were more of a bit of banter and good times. Definite friend-zone -ish area.”

Karina's past relationship with Dom was revealed this week.
Karina's past relationship with Dom was revealed this week.

Of course, the other big drama from the night revolved around intruder Karina and the revelation she had previously dated Dom three years ago.

While the other women weren’t too pleased by the news, Zac appreciated Karina’s honesty and even gave her a rose after she told him about the relationship.

“We’ve all got a past. I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone because I wouldn’t expect anyone to judge mine – so it’s fine,” he told her during the episode.

“Dom had already spoken to me about having previously dated Karina,” Zac later revealed on camera.

“I appreciate them both being up front with me.”

For his part, Dom told us that while the news coming up was “a little bit awkward”, it was a surprise for both of them.

While Rosie was shown having a heated confrontation with Karina about her past romance, both Dom and Molly sympathised with the Bachelorettes.

“[Rosie] was just kind of speaking for all of us at that point in time,” Molly said of the argument that played out between Rosie and Karina.

Watch the video above to see what Molly and Dom had to say

  • Authors: Keren Sim, Ashleigh McEnaney

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