The Bachelor NZ babes bare all

In this week's mag, the Bachelorettes get candid about loving their curves!

By Ashleigh McEnaney
The Bachelor NZ’s final four – Poppy Salter, Matilda Rice, Dani Robinson and Alysha Brown – flaunt their fit and foxy bikini bodies on our cover this week.
Rocking their curves with confidence, the bombshell bachelorettes all agree they love the skin they’re in.
High school teacher Alysha, 26, celebrates her new fuller figure. Having gained 10kg since filming on the TV3 reality show began, the Invercargill native says, “I don’t need to be super-tiny. I’m a confident girl. I am the way I am and I’m comfortable with that.”
Auckland Yoga teacher Poppy, 24, shares the same healthy attitude towards her body image, telling Woman’s Day, “I’m not in the final four because of the way I look. There’s much more to me than that.”
While gym bunny Dani works hard for her physique, usually exercising up to six times a week, the 22-year-old marketing exec says she doesn’t keep fit for anyone else’s viewing pleasure.
“I do it for me – I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”
Like her fellow bachelorettes, Auckland sales exec Matilda, 24, takes pride in eating well and exercising regularly but likes to find a healthy balance.
“I try to not eat a lot of refined sugars or anything too oily, but I’m not that strict all the time – good food is just too delicious. A big plate of ribs is my all-time favourite meal!”
For more on the gorgeous final four Bachelorettes, check out this week's Woman's Day.

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