The five most awkward moments from The Bachelorette this week

These are the bits that had us diving behind the sofa cushions and squirming in our seats.

This week bachelorettes Lily and Lesina's search for love took them all the way to Latin America, touching down in Buenos Aires with their Kiwi suitors in tow.
But even in the home of the sensual tango and with a house full of incredibly confident men trying to sweep the ladies off their feet there were still plenty of awkward moments.
Here are five moments that had us watching our screens through our fingers.

Lily takes Jesse on the weirdest date in Bachelorette history

"Any ideas what we're doing today?" Lily asks Jesse as they head out on their single date.
What are the chances he guesses he's about to be led into the spare bathroom of someone's basement apartment, blindfolded and fed shot glasses full of beer?
Or as Lily half asks, half states, "Today I am taking Jesse to a beer day spa?"
As Lily and Jesse enter an unmarked building Jodie Rimmer's voiceover announces that, "What's about to play out is the most bizarre date in Bachelor history."
Which is quite the statement when you consider that in 2015 Art took Matilda on a date where she got pooed on by a koala.
But Jodie is a woman of her word, what unfolds is bafflingly odd.
"Welcome to my dungeon, take a seat," jokes Lily as they enter a room that looks like an upmarket motel bathroom circa 2004, jet spa bath and all.
After they complete their blind taste test with accompanying foot rub (all normal so far) the pair are plied with 10 percent beers the size of their heads and left to enjoy the murky brown waters of the spa bath in private.
Here they are, enjoying the bath in total privacy.
Despite being unbelievably good sports about the whole situation and Jesse wearing his most seductive bacon and eggs speedos, things don't get all hot and steamy.
"I feel like I wanted to kiss Jesse, but I also didn't feel like the moment was perfect," Lily later debriefs Lesina.
What part of it wasn't perfect Lily? Was it the being in a dungeon part?
To be fair they both seemed to have a lot of fun and the spa actually has a lot of really positive reviews on TripAdvisor. But it's not exactly staring into each other's eyes over a candlelit dinner though is it?

Lily can't remember anything about Conor

With a group of competing 'alpha-dogs' in the house it must be challenging trying to find a way of standing out what with all the noise and the grandstanding and Marc constantly taking his clothes off.
Someone who knows that struggle better than anyone is Conor, who had trouble getting Lily to remember even simple details about him.
During their chat on at the cocktail party on Thursday night's episode Conor mentions his pet rabbit Marshmallow, which sparks a memory for Lily. Or does it?
"We've talked about the rabbit before haven't we?" asks Lily
"I don't think it came up,'" a slightly bemused Conor replies.
Never mind, Lily will just quickly change the subject.
"Where do you live in Auckland?" she enquires.
"i'm from Christchurch." Conor counters.
Oh dear.

Logan overhears Aaron's true thoughts about him

At this point in the game Aaron may have the greatest claim on Lesina's heart. In fact this week the pair went as far to talk through how the logistics of life outside The Bachelorette would work.
But that doesn't mean Aaron is immune from the pressures of living with the men who are also romantically linked to your lady friend.
This week the insecurities crept in and Aaron vented his frustrations to a diary cam in a conversation he thought was just between him and the viewing public.
Except he was sitting right by an open window and Logan heard his every word.
Like the bit where Aaron said of Logan, "He's kind of a one trick pony at this point."
And the part where he said Logan's romantic gestures were 'tacky'.

Logan walks in on Lesina making out with Aaron

As if hearing Aaron bag him for being too romantic wasn't enough, poor Logan then walked in on Lesina and Aaron making out at Thursday's cocktail party.
Full on, red lipstick all over their faces, tonsil hockey.
Lesina was mortified.
"Logan I am so sorry, this is so awkward," she apologised.
What's more awkward than one of your boyfriends seeing you kissing another of your boyfriends? Having him walk in because he's brought you a really thoughtful present.
No one said dating all these men at once was going to be easy.

Lily and Quinn’s record breaking pash sesh

Last week when the bachelorettes were recounting their dating disasters, Lesina told Now To Love that when she had her first kiss, "we counted how long we could hold it for."
While she didn't let on at the time it appears Lily is also quite talented at kissing time trials. Her and Quinn indulged in a make-out session that lasted 31 long and surprisingly loud seconds.
Their mammoth effort was declared "a bachelorette record so far", which makes us incredibly nervous that there's plenty more of that to come.
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