Stunning intruders crash the party on upcoming episode of The Bachelor

Talk about throwing a cat, or three, in among the pigeons!

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor New Zealand not only sees the girls on their first overseas jaunt, but three ‘intruders’ are set to crash the party.
The arrival of the new women comes as somewhat of a surprise to the other Bachelorettes, who’ve been taking time out to enjoy their tropical Asian trip.
One of the intruders, Vanessa, a 26-year-old saleswoman from Christchurch, told Spy competition was as fierce between the intruders as it was between the women already on the show.
“I met the other intruders when I landed in Auckland en-route to our new secret overseas destination. I thought ‘Crikey, these girls are stunning . . . Am I really up for this? Do I meet the standard?’”
If any of the intruders manage to score a rose from hunky bach Zac Franich, they’ll stay to on compete.
Naturally, the other Bachelorettes aren't to thrilled by the prospect of this.
“The girls were really shocked when we walked in, they had no idea what was going on. One of the girls even thought we might be waitresses delivering more drinks!
“I was surprised by how young a lot of the girls are, I’m 26 but the age difference feels a lot bigger than what it is. There was definitely one girl who made no attempt the whole night to speak to me, not even a hello!” Vanessa says.
Zac Franich posing for an exclusive Woman's Day photo shoot.
Last week Woman’s Day dished the inside scoop on Zac’s dream girl. The handsome bachelor, who is as smart as he is good-looking, revealed just what he was looking for in Miss Right.
“There are qualities that I look for in a partner, for sure, but in saying that, there are certain intangibles that I can’t quite put my finger on,” he says.
“Of course, I’d love to date someone who’s intelligent, independent, caring, friendly and approachable, and someone who has a good sense of humour. But it’s that something, that spark, that when someone possesses it, you can’t help but be attracted to them. When I find it, I’ll know exactly what it is.”