Real Housewives of Auckland recap: Sex toy shocks and acting class meltdowns

The feisty Housewives got their claws out in last night’s episode.

This week on the Bravo reality show, warring Housewives Gilda Kirkpatrick and Angela Stone continued to fuel their long-standing feud after the dramas of the Pussy Party.
A would-be reconciliation at a St Mary’s Bay café turned into another vicious catfight as Gilda accused fashion stylist Angela of being fake.
“I am a brand,” Angela said, prompting one of Gilda’s signature stare-downs.
“There is nothing beyond your brand?” she shot back.
They weren’t the only Housewives facing off this week either, as an acting workshop turned into a battleground for Julia Sloane and Louise Wallace.
Julia let rip during her ‘impression’ of Louise, leaving Michelle and acting teacher Cameron looking on in dismay.
“My name is Louise and … actually, I’m a backstabbing b----,” she declared in a mock-deep voice, as Louise threw her Louis Vuitton handbag over her shoulder in a huff and stormed out of the building.
Anne was not impressed by Julia's sex toy show and tell.
Tensions were still boiling over when Julia invited Michelle, Anne and Louise (along with their spouses) to her husband’s vineyard in Matakana, where - still feeling the sting of Louise's air of superiority - she hoped to show off the property.
That wasn’t all she showed off though. As the men disappeared to check out the wine cellar, Julia sat the Housewives down to dangle an array of sex toys from her personal stash in front of their amazed faces, all in a bid to get a reaction out of “prudish” Anne.
It’s safe to say, however, the Champagne Lady was not impressed by Julia's antics.
“Personally, I think that if you’re with the right person you don’t need all those gadgets. You've either got that charisma and that wang dang doodle together or you haven't,” she said.
"It is just so nouveau riche, low rent, lacking in any sort of class."
Next week, the girls are off on a trip to Port Douglas, so here’s hoping the drama continues over the ditch!
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