Our stars reveal their Kiwi television crushes

It seems pocket rocket Kimberley Crossman came out on top. Just don't mention the book deal.

We weren't the only ones excited about the return of the New Zealand Television Awards. The stars were pretty happy too. After all, it's been five long years since they've all gathered together at one awards ceremony.
But of all the stars there that night, there was one name on everyone's lips - Kimberley Crossman.
Kate Elliot, Kate Hawkesby, Anna Jullienne, Matilda Rice - they all named Kim as their Kiwi celebrity crush in our video above.
It maaaaaay have had something to do with the fact that Kim was right there, lording over them. But hey, she's cute, she's blonde, she's funny, who wouldn't have a crush?
We also stopped other celebs on the red carpet and the results were surprising. There's a lot of love out there guys!
See below for the answers.
There was a lot of love for Art and Matilda. And Art and Matilda together for one celeb!
Antonia Prebble and David de Latour kept it in the Westside family. When asked who her crush was, Antonia replied "David de Latour. He looks slamming in his suit."
"The feeling is mutual” he responded. “She made an excellent decision."
The Bachelor’s Zac Franich was also a Westside fan: "Antonia Prebble. She’s amazing as Rita. She nails that role."
Erin Simpson's crush was another Bachelor. "Zac Franich, for sure. He's been through a lot this year and he's come out on top - 2018 is going to be a great year for him."
It seems Art Green's time on The Bachelor has made it hard for him to narrow it down to just one woman.
"It’s gotta be Sam Hayes or Pippa Wetzell."
Jono and Ben’s Laura Daniel was crushing on Art Green. And, well, Matilda.
“Always bloody Art – and Matilda as well. We'll have a three-way."
Anna Julienne named co-star Erik Thomson as her crush. "He's standing right next to me, but he's also really lovely to work with."
Erik, on the other hand, was a fan on Dr Warner. "Michael Galvin is my crush."
Never one to follow the fules, Anika Moa went international. "Leo DiCaprio. I don't care about bloody Kiwi TV stars - I want the big money!"
Mike McRoberts was a popular choice. Fern Sutherland described him as "a dreamboat with intellect."
Melissa Davies was also a fan. "Mike McRoberts. I admire him as a journalist and he's a great friend."
Louise Wallace didn’t respond to the question and instead said she was looking forward to seeing "the people who fired me." That's why we love you Lou!
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