My Kitchen Rules NZ: Jaryd and Ben sent packing in sudden death cook-off

Things turn to custard for Auckland duo Jaryd and Ben.

It's the second sudden death cook off on My Kitchen Rules NZ, and this time the teams are cooking for New Zealand sport heroes.
The sudden death cook off is between Heather and Mitch and Jaryd and Ben.
Jaryd and Ben recognise their competition.
"We've always seen Heather and Mitch as massive competition," says Jaryd.
However, Heather can't relate.
"I don't see Jaryd and Ben as a super threat at all," she says.
The teams jump straight into it, with only two hours to get their meals organised.
For their three courses, Jaryd and Ben are making tuna steak ceviche for their entrée, duck breast with gorgonzola mousse and seasonal vegetables for their main and fable berry trifle with coconut sponge for dessert.
The judges and contestants check out Jaryd and Ben's menu.
The contestants are excited for Jaryd and Ben's courses.
"We both feel excited about Jaryd and Ben's menu," says Sophie.
"Hopefully they're trying to impress us," says Chris.
Meanwhile, Heather and Mitch are making crayfish trifle for their entrée, braised beef cheeks with creamed kumara mash, wilted greens and pancetta, and dropped lemon meringue pie with curd shards and crumb for dessert.
Heather and Mitch in the kitchen.
There's excitement around Heather and Mitch's dessert.
"Looking forward to Heather and Mitch's lemon meringue pie, it sounds delicious," says Sophie.
"If Heather and Mitch can nail it, I think they've got potential to take out the prize," says Chris.
"I think they're going to come out all guns blazing."
Chris and Bex at the dinner table.
Both teams are starting with desserts.
"We're starting with dessert so we can get it out of the way, and then we can crack on with entrée and main," says Jaryd.
Heather checks on the boys.
"How you going boys? failing miserably I hope," she says. Woah, talk about shots fired.
The boys get a visit from Pete and Manu, Manu suggests they better start working on their main.
"It's daunting on us a little bit that we may be a bit far behind," says Jaryd.
Pete and Manu visiting Jaryd and Ben in the kitchen.
The guests arrive, some of which include Olympic track cyclists Eddie Dawkins and Ethan Mitchell, Olympic para athlete Liam Malone, Olympic rower Mahe Drysdale and BMX champ Sarah Walker.
The teams are ready to present their entrées.
"It's not what I expected, but it looks nice," says Teal about Heather and Mitch's trifle.
Heather and Mitch's entrée.
Mahe Drysdale is impressed with Jaryd and Ben's tuna dish.
"That tuna though, is pretty good," he says.
"I enjoyed the tuna, but I thought it did lack a bit of crunch and also it was quite under seasoned," says Sophie.
Mahe Drysdale.
Next up are the mains.
The teams take out their meals, and the responses are relatively similar, with almost everyone agreeing that Heather and Mitch's main could have done with more seasoning.
"The meat is beautifully tender, but it doesn't have much flavour," says Bex about Heather and Mitch's meal.
"I think Mitch and Heather have taken a massive step down, and the boys have taken a step up."
The guest stars trying the mains.
"This is not a Heather and Mitch dish at all," says Teal.
Ben and Jaryd are let off a little bit lighter.
"I think the main from Jaryd and Ben is very pretty to look at. I think the duck cooked really well."
However, he isn't a fan of the cheese.
"It just doesn't go with the duck at all, for me."
Jaryd and Ben preparing the dessert.
It's time for dessert, however Jaryd and Ben are particularly happy with their desserts outcome, after their custard became too runny.
Heather notices.
"Look at theirs," she says, then the two begin to laugh.
Mitch and Heather.
Jaryd and Ben's trifle.
"When Jaryd and Ben's dessert hit the table, we can tell straight away that custard is not set," says Sophie.
Heather and Mitch's dessert gets better feedback from the contestants and guests.
"This is the Mitch and Heather that I was expecting," says Bex.
Jaryd and Ben waiting for the judges feedback.
It's time for feedback and scores, and Jaryd and Ben are feeling extra nervous after their dessert mishap.
The judges begin with Heather and Mitch.
The guests give Heather and Mitch an overall score of 8 out of ten, they receive a 13 out of 20 from their fellow contestants. Uh oh.
"Not a great start," says Mitch.
For their entrée, Pete gives them a 6, saying it was a little "under whelming."
"Someone's going home tonight, it could be us," says Heather.
Manu gives their entrée a 7 out of 10, saying he still expected more.
Heather and Mitch receiving their feedback.
For their main course, Manu was impressed with the beef cheeks.
"They were melting in my mouth," he says.
Manu scores them a 7, again.
Pete says it was a "good dish" but not "perfect", he scores them a 7.
The dessert gets a 6 from Manu, saying the portion was too small, and a 7 from Pete.
Overall, Mitch and Heather receive a grand total score of 61 out of 90.
Heather and Mitch after receiving their score.
Jaryd and Ben receive a 5 out of ten from the guest judges and a 12 out of 20 from their fellow contestants.
"We might scrape through again," says Jaryd.
Their entrée gets a 5 out of ten from Pete and a further five from Manu, both judges agreeing that the tuna was perfectly cured.
For their main, Manu doesn't believe the blue cheese and duck went together, he scores it a 5. Pete gives it a 5 also.
"We've got average scores so far," says Ben.
Time for the dessert.
Pete says the flavour was definitely there, but it was more like a "warm milkshake", he scores it a 3 out of ten. Manu also gives it a 3.
Overall, the boys score a 43 out of 90, meaning they're going home and Heather and Mitch are still in the competition.
Poor Jaryd and Ben!
We're sorry to see you go, Jaryd and Ben!