My Kitchen Rules NZ: Rivalry between the final teams

The tension is rising between the final remaining contestants. Who will be crowned winner in tonight's grand final showdown?

If you're a My Kitchen Rules NZ fan, then you've definitely noticed the competitive remarks between contestants Heather and Mitch and Chris and Bex over the past nine episodes.
Heather and Mitch, who are well known as the villains of My Kitchen Rules NZ have openly said they're not the "biggest fans" of Chris and Bex.
The pair has also referred to the couple as "Wanaka" rather than their actual names. Ouch, that's a little rough.
Heather and Mitch.
However it's not all one sided. Chris and Bex have said their fair share about Heather and Mitch also.
During episode one of My Kitchen Rules NZ, Chris spoke up about Heather's feedback.
"Heather is definitely not holding back with her criticism, it’s now become more apparent that she’s looking for the negatives,” he said.
It didn't stop there, Chris also believed Heather and Mitch had another agenda on the show.
"I think Heather is being overly critical on timing, I think they’re almost trying to sway public opinion," he said.
Chris and Bex.
Ahead of tonight's grand final showdown, we thought we’d take a look back at the rising tension between the two teams.
Episode one
Mitch: “We are a force to be reckoned with."
Bex about Heather: “We’re still feeling each other out so to come out guns blazing from the get go is slightly aggressive.”
Mitch: "It’s competition time, it’s game on. We’re here to win it, lets not doubt that."
Episode three
Mitch: “Heather and I are judging on times. We’ve got criteria for scoring, timing for us does come into it.”
Chris: “I disagree with their strategy. I think Heather and Mitch are in this to win it – they will trample over others to win. We’re in it to win it – we’ll work our arses off, and if we deserve to win it, we’ll win it”.
Chris: “Heather and Mitch are definitely quite strong in their opinions, and I think the majority of time I don’t agree with them. So they’re strong and wrong.”
Episode four
Heather, about Chris and Bex: "Change the record. I’m so over it."
Episode five
Heather: "All the very best, I hope they fail miserably. Deep down I hope they make a mistake, or multiple mistakes. It’s no secret we’re not their biggest fans.”
Heather and Mitch after finding out Chris and Bex were remaining in the competition.
Episode six
Heather: “We came into this competition to cook amazing food and to take it out.”
Mitch: "We are here to win, no doubt about it 100% every dish we cook we’ll get right.”
Pete: “I think Heather and Mitch have been playing the game really well. They’ve been trying to intimidate the other teams.”
Episode nine
Heather refers to Chris and Bex as “our arch nemesis, team Wanaka.”
There's tension in the air between our final contestants and it's getting closer and closer to the finale.
We can't wait to find out who makes it through!
The My Kitchen Rules New Zealand grand final airs Monday, 7.30pm, TVNZ 2.