My Kitchen Rules NZ contestants' double date

Love on the menu for MKR contestants

By Rosa Woods
A Vietnamese Beef Pho wasn’t the only thing causing My Kitchen Rules’ youngest contestants to salivate on last night’s episode.
Auckland University students Charlotte, 19, and Maddie, 20, spent the evening dining at Sophie and Teal’s pop-up restaurant Saigon Salon, happily situated across the table from handsome, 26-year-old best friends Jaryd and Ben.
“We were sitting opposite Jaryd and Ben and it was like a double date,” a smitten Charlotte said.
Maddie appeared captivated by Jaryd’s boy band good looks mentioning to Charlotte, “I would say that Jaryd is good looking.”
“I can see that,” Charlotte agreed.
Jaryd, 26 and Ben, 26 – Auckland
Wine flowed and so did the conversation as the pairs of best friends flirtatiously discussed their ages.
Charlotte and Maddie declared there was a mere six-month age gap between them, and Ben suspected the girls were developing crushes on his handsome companion.
“There were definitely some twinkle eyes going across the table. They were both looking at you,” an amused Ben said to Jaryd.
Jaryd played along, guessing Maddie was the eldest in the pair.
Charlotte, 19 and Maddie, 20 – Auckland
Jaryd played along, guessing Maddie was the eldest in the pair.
“You’re older, I think you’re a bit wiser,” Jaryd said cheekily to Maddie.
As the saying goes, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and perhaps Charlotte and Maddie will steal Jaryd’s next week with their “modern, fresh, light” menu.
The best friends said they were excited to show the judges what they’ve got.
“We’re in this to win it. We want to be the youngest team in the history of My Kitchen Rules to win,” Maddie said.
Only time will tell if the true prize is the MKR title or Jaryd’s heart.

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