'It's been quite an interesting ride' - Jaryd opens up about his MKR romance

While he and teammate Ben have been eliminated, this MKR contestant found love across the dining table!

Jaryd Gray says his romance with fellow My Kitchen Rules NZ contestant Charlotte Brown is going well.
"Obviously it only came out last week so it's been quite an interesting ride. So we're just kinda getting used to having all that in the media and public scrutiny on it."
The two have clearly been spending some time together, with teammate - and flatmate - Ben Cliffe joking that Charlotte "should be paying rent."
Speaking to radio station The Hits last week after she and teammate Maddie Hunt were eliminated, Charlotte revealed that she and Jaryd have hooked up.
"He makes me happy," the 19-year-old told presenters Stace and Flynny.
While the two teams are no longer competing on the show we hope that this romance continues to heat up!
WATCH: Scroll down to Jaryd and Ben talk about their time on the show.
WATCH: Scroll down to watch Charlotte and Maddie talk about Jaryd and Ben on the show.