If you're missing MAFS this show could be your new guilty pleasure

These four couples want to rekindle the spark with their former partners. What could possibly go wrong?!

Let's be honest, since Married at First Sight finished screening we've all been left with a big gaping hole in our hearts.
Our desire for watching relationships more dysfunctional than our own needs to be sated somehow. Well, this new show could just be the answer.
The idea behind it is this. There's the ones who wronged us, the ones who got away and the ones who just didn't work out.
So, would you take your ex back if you could?
These four couples are going to find out - all in the name of television with new show, Back With The Ex.
Let's meet the lucky/unlucky hopefuls.

Peter & Diane

When Peter laid eyes on Diane 30 years ago, he was instantly smitten.
"From that first night with Diane in New Orleans, an inner fire of desire was created that has never completely extinguished," says Peter, 58.
They were seemingly a perfect match. However, Diane lived in Florida in the US and Peter was based in Sydney. While they tried to make their relationship work over two years, distance eventually got the better of them.
"Dating someone who lived halfway across the world involved a lot of logistics," Diane, 51, says.
Peter and Diane went on to marry other people, only to later divorce. Now, they're hoping to pick up where they left off three decades on.
"I've wondered what my life would be like if I'd hopped on a plane to Australia," Diane says, adding, "I'm at a point in my life where if it's not incredible, I just don't want it."

Jeremy & Meg

Jeremy has always had the urge to travel. But his passion to see the world was the last straw for his then-partner Meg.
"Things weren't great between us, and I wanted to travel," Jeremy, 28, explains.
"So I headed overseas, which ended things between us."
Watching Jeremy pack his bags was tough for Meg, 26.
"I waited around a year for him to come back," she says. "Then he came back and we started seeing each other again for a month, and he left again."
Four years on, the pair would like to give their roller-coaster relationship one more shot.
"I don't think I'm as self-centred and I'm ready for a deeper commitment," Jeremy says. "I just miss Meg."

Erik & Lauren

Erik and Lauren's relationship ended when Lauren decided she'd had enough.
"I would like to think that he has matured," Lauren says, adding that she felt the 32-year-old workaholic was controlling.
"One year, he gave me a birthday card with a cheque for $10,000 and, in the envelope, there was a breast-augmentation brochure," she recalls.
Now, after a six-year hiatus, Erik wants Lauren, 36, back.
"I wake up after having dreams about her," Erik says. "You don't realise what you have until you've let it slip through your fingers."
But Lauren won't put up with any nonsense this time.
"I've become much more independent," she declares. "I'm not sure Erik will know what's hit him. I'm not the same shy girl that will bow to his every command."

Kate & Cam

Former lovebirds Kate and Cam met at high school, bonding over similar interests and their thirst for adventure. But after seven years, the couple went their separate ways when Cam found out Kate had cheated on him.
"It's the biggest regret of my life," Kate, 23, says. "I've grown up a hell of a lot since I was with Cam. I've travelled, dated other people and become a lot more independent and confident."
So will Kate and Cam be able to put the past behind them?
"Even though we've gone through a really rough patch, Kate is probably the most down-to-earth and honest girl I've ever met," Cam, 25, says.
Kate adds: "Cam was my best friend and the best boyfriend I've ever had. He's definitely my soulmate."
The first episode of Back With The Ex will air on Bravo this Sunday May 6th at 8:30pm.