Meet the 2021 Bachelors!

Who will win Lexie's heart?

Among the group of 2021 Bachelors is a familiar face – Jake Ryan, the big brother of 2020 contestant Quinn. The 29-year-old primary school teacher from Tauranga tells Woman's Day, "Before I went on the show, Quinn told me to take every opportunity I could and continue to wear my heart on my sleeve. I live life following three words – opportunities, moments and memories. By taking an opportunity on, moments are had and memories are created."
Quinn, 26, adds, "The advice I gave Jake going on to the show was to just be himself in every way possible,to take one day at a time and have a great time!"
So why does he think his brother is still single? "Jake seems to be picky at times when it comes to finding a woman, but I'm certain he'll find the right one soon enough. He's very giving and always willing to help in every way."
He hopes his brother finds someone like his girlfriend, The Bachelor NZ 2017 contestant Claudia Hoskins, who recently left Auckland to move in with him in Hawke's Bay.
Quinn tells, "Claudia and I are both really excited to be living together now! She loves it down here. A group of her friends were down last weekend, and we all had a great time looking around wineries, jet boating, swimming and also attending a festival. It was nice to show her friends a bit around the Bay."
Jake Ryan, 29, Tauranga
Aidan Uttinger, 39, Cambridge
The entrepreneur – who's invested in a US tequila company and a dating app – spent a year in Bali before returning home during the pandemic and signing up for The Bachelorette.
"I just had a feeling I needed to be there and I always trust my gut," he explains.
Aidan Uttinger, 39, Cambridge
Damien Ducloux, 24, Auckland
Born in France, the programme coordinator moved to NZ aged 14. "My spirit animal would be a butterfly because my life is always unfolding into new adventures," he says.
"The butterfly is also a form of rebirth and I wear my heart on my sleeve."
Damien Duclox, 24, Auckland
Jack Becroft, 26, Auckland
A hopeless romantic, this account manager signed up because he's "sick of being a lonely bugger". So why's he single?
"I travelled around a bit and I suck at picking up women. My last relationship ended in 2019, when I had to leave America because my visa expired."
Jack Becroft, 26, Auckland
Nathan Loo, 28, Auckland
This jazz musician has a few long-term relationships under his belt and even surprised one lucky ex with a trip to Fiji for her birthday.
"I always do what I can to make sure my partner feels heard and understood," says Nathan, who is inseparable from his beloved pet pooch Theo.
Nathan Loo, 28, Auckland
Todd Dialectos, 26, Auckland
Originally from an Italian family in Brisbane, the sales manager shifted to Aotearoa for an ex, but insists, "It was the best move of my life."
Todd's never watched a reality dating show, but says, "I've tried everything else to find the perfect match, so why not?"
Todd Dialectos, 26, Auckland
Jarrod Isopo, 25, Auckland
The financial analyst was busy creating financial models for managed isolation facilities during the pandemic. He's hoping this will lead to a job at the Beehive.
Why'd he sign up for the show? "I'm always willing to try something new and it looked like an amazing opportunity."
Jarrod Isopo, 25, Auckland
Alexandre Vaz
Of South African and Portuguese descent, the software project manager is hoping to form a bromance with host Art Green.
How would his ex describe him? "The best thing to ever happen to her!"
Alexandra Vaz, 27, Auckland
Ben Masara
Describing himself as a "kind, caring and reliable dork", the registered nurse says his spirit animal is a labrador as they're "always affectionate and hungry"!
Ben adds that he has "the patience of a saint".
Ben Masara, 26, Dunedin
Bradden Hurn
The physio once fled a romantic Mt Ruapehu getaway due to "paranormal activity".
He recalls, "We were the only ones in the lodge, but there were footsteps. It got so freaky, we drove home at 2am."
Bradden Hurn, 25, Auckland
Dave Borrie
Calling himself "desperately single and mysteriously tall", the radio presenter once pretended to be the lead singer of an Aussie electronic band to ask a girl out.
"I did not get the date," he admits.
Dave Borrie, 25, Dunedin
Hamish Boyt
Known to mates as "the travel guy", the photographer says his ex would describe him as "always happy and on a mission to find hidden gems".
The Marvel fan's top celeb crush is Scarlett Johansson.
Hamish Boyt, 30, Whangārei
Itay Dom
The comedian got his nose pierced on a first date. "But I forgot to tell the girl I'm not good with needles and almost passed out. She said, 'You don't look good,' which isn't the first time I've heard that."
Itay Dom, 27, Auckland
Josh Nielsen
A plumber and former soldier, Josh claims his ex would describe him as "always up for adventures, makes everything fun, a good type of silly, extremely loving, resilient, dependable and the best hugger".
Josh Nielsen, 32, Auckland
Jozef Weck
The builder, mechanical engineer and former rugby player says his spirit animal is a gibbon.
"They're free animals, just swinging from opportunity to opportunity. They start each day by singing at sunrise."
Jozef Weck, 31, Whangārei
Matt Bidwell
The roofer's biggest dating disaster was at a London craft brewery. "I had to let out what felt like a small, quiet fart. Next minute, I'm doing this loud, long-ass one that vibrates the bench. My date lost it."
Matt Bidwell, 28, Auckland
Paul Patterson*
The lush-locked French chef, who planned to open a restaurant in New York in 2020, has strong feelings for Jennifer Aniston, telling us, "Friends came out when I was 10 and I still can't shake
that crush!"
Paul Patterson, 35, Waiheke Island
Zach Preston
Born in Utah, the techie's spent much of his life in the US, but insists he doesn't have a Hollywood crush. "However, I'm attracted to Blake Lively and think her relationship with Ryan Reynolds seems authentic."
Zach Preston, 33, Hamilton

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