Married At First Sight: What Scarlett and Jonathon were really texting each other

It's actually a bit... boring.

Married At First Sight is prime for drama - and just a few weeks in, the Australian reality show has been hit by the first "cheating" scandal.

After the first dinner party, Jonathon and Scarlett - both slightly underwhelmed by their "marriage" matches -hit it off so much that they swapped numbers and spent the entire night texting each other.

Viewers have been keen to know what exactly was said during the message marathon between the pair, but it turns out it’s not as shocking as first thought... they were just talking about their shared love of tea! Yes, seriously.

“I like literally love tea,” Scarlett wrote in a message to Jon.

“Same! I drink too much. But I drink coffee during the day then when I feel like I’m going to die because I drank too much coffee I switch to green and peppermint,” Jon replied, before Scarlett added that she loves “English Breakfast.”

Wow, riveting stuff.

Jonathan shows the camera his flirty tea texts with Scarlett.
Jonathan shows the camera his flirty tea texts with Scarlett.

At last night's commitment ceremony it looked as though Cheryl had been completely blindsided by Jonathon and Scarlett’s sneaky hot beverage messages when in fact, she knew what was going on the entire time. Scarlett and Cheryl were also texting each other at the same time Scarlett was texting Jonathon.

"I hate disloyal people. I heard you last night saying you got paired with the wrong person. And then you swapped numbers and you have been talking to each other," Cheryl said to Jonathon during the tense ceremony.

While Scarlett’s come under fire for the texts she hasn’t had much of an easy ride as of late, as news broke over the weekend she was allegedly assaulted by a producer.

Scarlett filed a police report on January 30 – the date filming of MAFS reunion took place in Australia - alleging she was assaulted by a Channel 9 producer, held on set against her will, then chased through the streets at 3am before slamming into a police car.

However she has since retracted her statement, and has not gone ahead with the assault complaint.

A Channel 9 spokesman said there had been an incident on set that offended Scarlett, and made her want to leave, but they denied there was any incident with a producer.

“As a duty of care, a producer followed her off set to ensure her safety. A misunderstanding resulted in police attending to also ensure Scarlett’s safety,” the spokesperson said.

“Together - production and the police - ensured she was escorted home safely.”

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