Married at First Sight NZ: Luke and Lacey split

After less than a fortnight together, Luke and Lacey call it quits.

They clicked at their wedding but for Married at First Sight NZ's Luke and Lacey, their honeymoon fallout saw them on a one-way journey to Splitsville.
After failing to reconnect at the cocktail party, Lacey announced at the couple's therapy session that she has decided to leave Luke.
"I don't see us working on this relationship. I don't see it working out."
Luke seemed surprised by the news. "Well, if you feel that way... I can't have a relationship by myself."
He said he didn't think that Lacey gave their relationship a fair shot.
"I gave this a 110% but the moment I found out that this wasn't working for me I put new plans into motion," she explained.
Luke said that he struggled to open up to Lacey and be more affectionate.
"I came into this being myself... I can see why they put us together but Lacey didn't really feel the same way and that's entirely up to her."
Meanwhile, the other couples moved in with each other in central Auckland to sample life living together.
Ben went through husband Aaron's grooming routine and style and vowed to make him less "Christchurch" and more stylish.
Andrew and Vicky got into a drunken argument at birthday drinks organised held at Ben and Aaron's apartment.
They said some nasty things to each other and Andrew moved back home. Aaron came to Andrew's defence, which upset Vicky.
Meanwhile, Bel revealed to the experts in her therapy session that Vicky had been messaging Haydn about how they should have been matched together.
In a session with the couple together the experts helped them to realise they needed to focus on each other and their relationship and not let "outside influences" interfere.
The pair patched things up and agreed to work on the relationship.
Back at Vicky and Andrew's, the couple apologised to each other about their behaviour at the party.
Andrew received a call from Haydn telling him about Vicky messaging him and interfering in his relationship with Bel. Vicky listens in on the entire conversation and is shocked to hear Haydn's side of things.
"He is so full of s..t... He says all things about people creating drama but he's creating drama."
The couple we saw least of on last night's episode was Dominic and Claire. Dom moved into his apartment alone as Claire had been in hospital.
How will they fare after so much time apart? We can't wait to find out!