MAFS' Samuel Levi is shocked to discover Tayler Morgan has moved on only days after their split

They only announced their sad separation days ago - but Sam was blindsided to find out from a friend that Tayler is already seeing someone else.

Their relationship on Married at First Sight NZ was a rocky one. After breaking up just before the final commitment ceremony, Samuel Levi and Tayler Morgan surprised everyone by announcing they'd reconciled almost immediately after.
Following the end of the show they made plans to spend summer together - and revealed to Woman's Day that Tayler, 29, would move from his hometown of Christchurch to be with Sam in Auckland in at the start of 2019. But only days into the new year, they sadly announced they had decided to go their separate ways.
Now, just back from a holiday in Los Angeles with friend and MAFS Season 1 groom Ben Blackwell, Sam, 25, has dropped a bombshell, claiming that Tayler has already moved on with someone else. Particularly hurtful for Sam was that he had to find out from a friend and not from Tayler himself.
Sam and Tayler on their honeymoon in Bali.
As a way of getting "closure," Sam has released a statement on his Facebook page "to set the record straight" and to tell the story in his "own words. "
"No hard feelings," he said, "but time to move on from this chit chat surrounding Tayler and I. It was great while it lasted, and wouldn't change a thing or who I went through it with."
Sam claims that "not even 48 hours after our split" he found out that Tayler "had been seeing someone else."
"Unfortunately I did not find this out from Tayler," he continued, "but rather I was told by a close friend who attended our wedding."
"It is upsetting to have found out this way. When I broached the issue with Tayler, I was simply told my friend should have minded their own business.
"Tayler confirmed he had met the guy after we had decided to end things. As I imagine most people would in my situation, I find it very hard to believe that a person could meet and start seeing someone in the space of a day and a half...
"People can think I am naive, but I am not stupid."
"I have tried to keep my head as high as possible through all of this, as I know in my heart what I wanted from this Married at First Sight experience, or at least I thought I did."
Story continues after video: Tayler and Sam's wedding.
"This outcome is particularly saddening as I was committed to building and strengthening my relationship with Tayler, with plans to travel next month and move in together."
He concluded the statement by saying "While I am disappointed, I will not let myself be angry or hold any resentment towards Tayler, because there is some relief in that I can finally move on with my life."
So far Tayler has kept his response to four simple words posted to his Instagram story - "What the actual f**k!"