MAFS' Fraser Pearce reflects on his emotional roller coaster of a marriage to Monique

''It felt like I was having a heart attack.''

He only just split from his Married At First Sight NZ match Monique Lee), but Fraser Pearce is already seeing another lady!
The Wellington policy analyst reveals, "Since the show, people have started looking at me a bit differently and I did go on a few dates with an amazing woman, but the timing just wasn't right. I need to give myself a couple more weeks to recharge my emotional banks."
And Fraser, 27, needn't worry about Monique's reaction – the Christchurch teacher, 25, tells us, "I'm not going to be a crazy ex-wife. Fraser is a good catch for the right girl and there are going to be other women for him, for sure. He's had a lot of messages."
It was Fraser who finally pulled the pin on their relationship after a panic attack about where they were headed.
Staying to the end took its toll on the pair.
He explains, "I hit an emotional wall. My heart was beating so fast, it felt like I was having a heart attack. I had hot and cold chills. I was feeling really depressed because I knew it wasn't going to work."
Monique confesses she also "had a couple of breakdowns" during filming, adding, "We love each other, but we're both a lot happier and a lot less stressed when we're just friends."
Monique herself has also moved on since the show ended - with fellow groom Gareth Noble!
And as for Fraser's break from dating - it didn't last long and he's now struck up a relationship with an "awesome" woman in Auckland.
"I'm hopefully going to be flying up to Auckland and meeting up with her soon to see if there's something there," he told Now to Love.

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