MAFS groom Duncan destroyed! ‘I felt rejected’

He ended up in tears after the partner swap

Layton isn’t the only husband to get emotional as a result of the couple swap in Married At First Sight this week. After Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde spend three days apart, they have a fight that leaves Duncan tearful.

Alyssa and Duncan’s relationship, which started out so strong, has been shaky since the couples’ retreat. Duncan, 35, admits, “Alyssa is a lovely woman, but we’ve struggled as a couple due to our different opinions and views on relationships.”

For the Sydney cyber-security sales director, the partner swap is a great chance to get another perspective on his relationship with executive assistant Alyssa, 35. When the three days are up, he’s keen to pick up where he left off.

“I couldn’t wait to see Alyssa again!” he says. “While she was gone, I made a photo collage of her favourite things and I booked us into an Italian cooking class for some quality time together.”

But their reunion ends badly. After a fight, Duncan is left alone and in tears.

“Communication is everything in a relationship, and I was feeling emotionally rejected when Alyssa walked out and wouldn’t talk to me,” he explains. “I felt like we were failing as a couple.”

Can Alyssa and Duncan still make it work or are they just too different?

He confesses, “I’m a pretty positive person – I always look on the upside – but I was worried that we were too far apart.”

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