There’s no friendship like those created on MAFS: Find out whose still friends!

Some friendships are cute, others are weird. But either way, we love it!

Married At First Sight Australia 2023 has come and gone, but despite all the drama, heated arguments and scandals it seems a majority of the contestants have remained close friends.

However, it is safe to assume that couples with a troublesome ending are no longer in contact.

Girl squad! (Image: Instagram)

But before we get into who remains friends, Melinda revealed there is one co-star she is no longer in touch with.

“I still don’t speak to Claire [Nomarhas] because of you know, a lot of things that actually happened,” she told Heat.

The major cheating scandal between Claire and Adam cause a “huge divide” between the girls she explained.

“It created a huge divide with the whole group, but they didn’t show any of that,” she said.

Anyways, back to who remains friends – Sandy and Claire, who are both based in Victoria, have become BFFs if their adorable snaps shared to Instagram are to be believed.

The pair even travelled from Melbourne to Sydney together to hang out with their MAFS co-stars including Evelyn, Tahnee, Lyndall, Melinda, Layton, Josh, Hugo, Rupert, Alyssa and Duncan (separately of course).

A special seat for Pickles and Mustard. (Image: Instagram)

“Left Sydney with some great memories and friends. Focusing on the good times and leaving behind the bad ones,” Sandy wrote.

And how could we forget, Sandy met up with Evelyn’s cute sausage dogs Pickles and Mustard.

Even Lyndall and Cam seemed to be on good terms after being pictured together in a collection of Sandy’s images, despite their tragic breakup during the finale which saw the groom storm off.

But she isn’t the only social butterfly of the group, Janelle loves to catch up with her MAFS clan including Evelyn, Alyssa, Cam, Tahnee, Ollie, Melinda, Duncan and Jesse.

Despite dating rumours between Jesse and Janelle, the former groom debunked fans speculation during an Instagram Q&A but admitted to having a “flirtationship.”

Cheers! (Image: Instagram)

But a real life MAFS cross over couple was confirmed a few months after the finale aired. It was none other than Evelyn and Duncan who went public in early May 2023.

Meanwhile the ‘villains’ of 2023 including Dan, Tayla and Adam have definitely been united by their ‘bad edits’. Tayla regularly shares pictures of the trio to her Instagram, one group picture even included 2022 groom Jack Leonie.

Evelyn and Duncan are together. (Image: Instagram)

And ‘villain’ Harrison is even making an appearance with his cast mates including Josh, Tayla, Sandy, Janelle, Evelyn, Claire and Duncan despite some intense conflicts.

But overall, it seems Harrison is just enjoying time with his new girlfriend, Gina and son, August who he regularly shares to TikTok.

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