The Block NZ Firehouse contestants Lisa and Ribz: 'The Block is our honeymoon!'

Ribz admits new wife Lisa can be a handful – "But I love it!" he says.

By Ellen Mackenzie
After 11 years together, Lisa Ridout and Chris "Ribz" Gordon finally tied the knot in December last year. But instead of heading off on a romantic holiday together, the pair from the capital city signed up for a reality show!
"The Block is our honeymoon!" laughs Lisa.
While living on a construction site trying to renovate an apartment in 12 weeks isn't quite the post-wedding experience she initially had in mind, Lisa, 37, has plans to use her winnings for an overseas trip with her hubby – and have a boob job while she's at it!
"We'll go to Thailand for our honeymoon," she confesses. "Once I get my boobs done, we'll have a nice little romantic dinner and some fun times with the new toys! I've had three children, so I'd like to get myself a new pair."
The outgoing, pink-haired mum isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, which her partner Ribz, 34, adores, but he admits not all the teams may be so keen.
"I'm very chilled, but Lisa is the opposite," he explains. "She has no filter and has a bit of an OCD tendency – it can be annoying, but I love it!"
Lisa adds, "I'm not going to be the drama on the show – I just speak my mind. But if you want to call that drama, you can take it."

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