Kim Kardashian and Matt Damon star in 'The Martian' spoof

The reality star teams up with Matt Damon for a hilarious clip

By Keren Sim
Matt Damon's latest film The Martian has proved to be such a big box office hit, it's already earned a sequel - or at least, a spoof trailer for a fake sequel called Stuck on Uranus!
Ellen DeGeneres premiered the hilarious clip on her talk show, bringing in original star Matt to reprise his role as an astronaut stuck on the planet Uranus.
"Even if I could make contact, it would take eight years for another person to reach Uranus," he joked with a deadpan expression.
"So, I'm left with only one option: I'm going to have to explore the surface of Uranus."
Ellen herself plays the head of NASA in the clip, who needs to bring in "an expert" on Uranus to help poor Matt out of his sticky situation. That's where Kim Kardashian comes in, dressed up in a lab coat and glasses.
"Did someone say Uranus?" she asks, poking fun at her most famous asset.
Watch the hilarious sketch above!

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