Kelly Osbourne leaves Fashion Police

The actress and presenter has quit the show after Giuliana's controversial comments

During Fashion Police's Oscars red carpet episode, Kelly's fellow co-host Giuliana made the comment that Disney starlet Zendaya's dreadlocks looked like they smelled of "patchouli" and "weed".
Her comments drew widespread criticism, with Zendaya herself even penning a heartfelt reply. Giuliana has since apologised publicly for the remark, but it looks like that wasn't enough for Kelly, who has officially quit Fashion Police after five years with the show.
The news won't come as a surprise to anyone following Kelly on Twitter, as the outspoken 30-year-old made no secret of her discomfort with Giuliana's talk.
Kelly's mum Sharon Osbourne has come out in support of her daughter's decision, tweeting her own message after the news broke:

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