Jordan speaks out: 'I never raised my voice at Naz'

The battle-weary Bachelor has some choice words for ex Naz

By Ashleigh McEnaney
Jordan Mauger
Since dumping Fleur Verhoeven soon after The Bachelor New Zealand wrapped, Jordan Mauger has kept a low profile.
To escape the limelight and the wrath of internet trolls, the travel-mad film producer hot-footed it to Canada where he’s been getting back to doing what he loves – exploring the world! But that’s not all he’s been up to …
Watch Jordan take our quick fire question challenge in the video below. Story continues.
This week, Jordan, 32, tells Woman’s Day he’s back in the dating game. “I’ve had some wonderful dates with some wonderful women,” he reveals.
His happiness, however, comes amidst claims made by his former-flame Nazanin Khanjani, 25, that Jordan was “really fame-hungry”, proceeding to hound her after the show’s finale and at one point, raising his voice at her.
All claims which Jordan denies. “To say I raised my voice at her – well, that’s a complete fabrication.”
Adding, “It’s pretty unbelievable that she said I’m fame hungry – she should look in the mirror.”
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