Meet the cast of Heartbreak Island season 2

There's one familiar face missing though...

TVNZ has revealed the 12 hopeful contestants looking for love - or money - on Heartbreak Island season 2. But there's one person who won't be making a comeback to the Island - last season's co-host Matilda Rice. This year, Mark Dye will be hosting all on his own.
Dye isn't fazed by the prospect of being a lone wolf this season. He described it as "a dream" hosting a pre-recorded show compared to the live radio he's used to.
"There is nothing about my job that is stressful or hard," he says. "I basically get to watch reality TV live, and pass comment on it (like we all do in our lounges), as it happens. And get paid. Dream."
Mark won't have the support of Matilda this year.
Last season, Matilda faced a lot of online backlash when the show first aired, while Dye came off relatively unscathed.
This year, he has given some interesting insights into the behaviour of the new cast.
"The cast of season two are definitely more calculating. Calculating and naughty. There was more misbehaving this season for sure. Most of this season's cast had game plans and strategies."
Those "naughty" and "calculating" singles are lined up and ready to go. The 'disruptors' will be revealed later, but for now, here's who will be battling it out for the $100,000 prize money. And love, of course. Or maybe just the money.

Ceejay Smart, 25, Fitness Manager from Christchurch

A self-confessed 'secret nerd', Ceejay often used to stay up until the early hours of the morning playing video games – he even made YouTube tutorials about Call of Duty. But that's all in the past and Ceejay's focus is now on fitness. His day job involves training personal trainers, and he's hoping that will give him the edge in the physical challenges.
Why did you apply for Heartbreak Island?
I don't really know, I wanted to do something that not many people could say they've done and push myself out of the comfort zone! Oh, and who doesn't want to make a potential fool of themselves on national television?
Who is your celebrity crush?
Margot Robbie, she's an absolute babe.
What is something extravagant you've done for love?
I suppose travelling across the world for a long-distance relationship would count as an extravagant thing right?
What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone that is confident with who they are and that can love herself as much as she could love me.

Charice Paterson, 23, Personal Trainer and HR coordinator from Rotorua

Charice is adamant that she's in it for love. She's looking for a man who is equally as happy working out with her than he is watching Harry Potter marathons. If she wins, going to Harry Potter World in the US is first on her list of things to do.
Why did you apply for Heartbreak Island?
I applied for Heartbreak Island for one reason only... to find my man! Coming from a small town where the dating pool is shallower than my bath water, I needed to look elsewhere to find my man. Surely on an Island full of singles I will find one, right?!
Describe your ideal partner in five words:
Sarcastic, fit, loyal, driven and fun.
What's your longest relationship?
Good question! I haven't met the two year mark yet; my past relationships haven't been great. Lots of "breaks" and break ups then getting back together - very toxic! Never my fault, I am an angel! I have a bad habit of giving out a million second chances hoping to not make the same mistakes next time.
What are your dating red flags in a partner?
I couldn't date a smoker - they taste like an ashtray! I also really don't like body hair on a guy, so we would probably have to take a trip to the waxing salon if he wanted to progress things.

Darius Phillips, 22, Electrician from Christchurch

The Christchurch based tradie is a big fan of the outdoors. He says he's a hopeless romantic and is a "sucker for a good love story," but on the other hand, he's it it for the money. He's a huge animal lover and if his new lady doesn't get on with his dog Donny, forget it.
Love or money?
Describe your ideal partner in five words:
Fun, smiley, smart, witty and of course beautiful!
Describe your dating style in one word:
Tell us something extravagant you've done for love?
Would have to be when I drove from one end of the North Island to the other to see a girl. Once I arrived I then had to wait over 24 hours before I could see her. I only ended up having a five-minute conversation before I had to make the long-winded journey back home. Things you do for love hey!

Eden Dix, 22, Promotions, Pauanui

Eden might just have the inside scoop on how the show works and what strategy is best to play - she flatted with season one contestant Joshua Frankhauser.
With a a strong social media following already, Eden isn't afraid to post the odd cheeky photo or two. She had better be set for her following to soar.
Who is your celebrity crush?
Bradley Cooper and Tom Hardy, I love agood English accent.
What is your ideal date?
Anything involving the beach! I love the sun and sand! Something very chill and not too formal, not like coffee or a lunch date - I think that's a bit boring!
Have you ever been in love?
In my first relationship I thought I was in love but looking back I now know it wasn't true love, ThankU, Next. The only person I'm in love with is myself. Got to have self love before you can love anyone else!
What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone that gets my sense of humour and laughs at my jokes! They need to be really accepting and understanding of my friends, as most of them are guys and not mind the clothes I choose to wear and photos I post (sometimes slightly cheeky). I love a guy that has a good crazy style and is confident in themselves. He also needs to love travelling and like to sit in the sun and just chill with me.

Thibault Deprez, 24, Video Editor, Auckland

If you think his name sounds exotic, that's because Thibault is originally from the City of Love, Paris. He moved to New Zealand when he was 16 on a rugby scholarship and decided to make Aotearoa home.
He has struggled to find love in New Zealand, with Kiwi girls not used to his 'French' ways.
While Thibault is on the island for love, he aims to become a millionaire by the time he's 30, so winning the money is very important to him.
Why did you apply for Heartbreak Island?
Multiple reasons, but mostly for the experience and meeting new friends and maybe meeting someone I can connect with.
What is your ideal date?
My ideal date is some sort of sports or active activity at the beginning and after all that hard work a nice meal looking out into the sunset having the food that we cooked together.
Have you ever been in love?
Yes, and always loyal!
What are your dating red flags in a partner?
Signs of co-dependency, cheaters, close minded and entitled girls.

Helen Hewat, 21, Student, Auckland

She's opinionated, and when asked how her friends and ex-boyfriends would describe her, she answers in one word: "crazy."
Coming into this show to shake up her life after a break-up, Helen is looking for someone tall, tattooed and funny.
Describe your ideal partner in five words:
Tall, passionate, honest, funny, and loving.
What's your worst dating disaster?
I was out getting food with my boyfriend and we'd been together for at least six months and a girl walked up to us and started asking him who I was. It turns out she also thought she was his girlfriend (she lived out of town and was back for the university holidays) and had seen his Snapchat story of him being out and came and found us to see what he was doing…
If you could have partnered from anyone from season one, who would it have been and why?
I would have partnered with Harry because he seemed super funny and didn't try to bite his tongue!

Paora Porter, 21, Retail Worker, Auckland

Paora's best friend is his mum, so he's looking for someone who will fit in with his family. He's a traditional kind of guy, and knows how to listen to his woman.
Why did you apply for Heartbreak Island?
I applied for Heartbreak Island because I had just come out of bad break up and felt like I needed a new experience, something that would really challenge me.
Love or money?
Super greedy but both. I'm after the love and the money - who says you can't have both?
Name your worst dating disaster or something extravagant you've done for love?
Probably the most extravagant thing I've done for love would be moving cities, I was crazing in love with a girl and packed up everything to follow her. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! I just see it as a learning curve not a loss.
Describe your dating style in one word?
Elegant. I consider myself super old fashioned. I love to open doors and call her parents Mr and Mrs. I also like to make sure that not only do I listen to her but understand what she's saying. Massive difference between listening and understanding lads!

Jasmine Waaka-Williams, 22, Roaming Fundraiser, Auckland

There's no two ways about it - Jasmine is in it for the money. Describing herself as ruthless and determined, she'll have her guard up on the island so as not to take her eyes away from the prize.
What is your ideal date?
Like two good friends hanging out, sharing a tonne of laughs, enjoying the moment, seeing their smile and admiring their laugh. Just both genuinely feeling good in each other's company.
What are you looking for in a partner?
I'm not looking but if a guy makes me laugh and smile all the time, I'd find them hard to resist.
What is a red flag in a partner for you?
What's something extravagant you've done for love?
I moved islands for someone I loved.

Sam Newell, 22, Project Manager, Auckland

The former party boy says he's on the island for one reason - to find a date for his mum's wedding.
Love or money?
As lame as it sounds more love than the money.
Describe your dating style in one word?
What are you looking for in a partner?
I am just looking for a partner in crime, someone who can accept me with all my flaws put my past behind them and give me as much as I give them. I'm all or nothing and some people don't like that, but I'm just passionate in everything I do, and I just want someone who is willing to ride that wave with me.

Lucy Timmings, 22, Medical Student, Christchurch

Lucy is in it to win it. Before embarking on her fourth year of medical school, she took a year off, lived in Rarotonga, and then applied to be on Heartbreak Island.
What is your star sign?
Gemini. They say we represent two different personalities in one and you will never know which one you are going to get, so I guess it would be fair to say I need a man who wants me to keep them on their toes.
Have you ever been in love?
What are you looking for in a partner?
Just a lad who I can have fun with! I love adventures, late night chats, early morning gym sessions and eating an excessive load of peanut butter and avocado. So, if anyone can match this then slide on into my DM's.

Alex Vaz, 25, Tech Entrepreneur, Auckland

Originally from South Africa, Vaz moved to New Zealand when he was 13.
No stranger to glossy pages, he competed in Cleo's Bachelor of the Year competition and was 'Mr June' in their 2013 calendar. Vaz has lost out in love before, and says he's on the island to find that special someone.
Love or money?
Love, not in a cheesy way but I want to find someone I could see myself with.
What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who can bring out the best version of me and enjoys my time, even as annoying as I can be.
Have you ever been in love?
I was in young love once upon a time like I'm sure everyone has been. We dated for nearly 12 months and were perfect for each other, unfortunately I put my studies and career ahead of her and I lost her!

Rosie Grant, 22, Student, Auckland

Having just come out of a long-term relationship, Rosie decided that Heartbreak Island was the best way to get back into the dating game. She doesn't have too many deal-breakers, but if he's not a feminist she's just not interested.
Why did you apply for Heartbreak Island?
I applied for Heartbreak Island for pure banter, every step of the way I was shocked that they wanted to know more about me. I've been out of the game for a long time and don't really know how to do the whole dating / seeing someone thing. I barely know how to flirt, so I was just looking for help in any way possible really.
What is your ideal date?
I could be happy doing absolutely anything as long as I was with someone that I liked. I guess my ideal date would either be an entire day at a museum, where we would walk around appreciating all the art or an adventurous day out on a hike or at a beach.
What are your dating no-goes / red flags in a partner?
I cannot stand a boy that is arrogant or someone who thinks that they are always in the right. A definite no-go is somebody who uses derogatory terms, liars / cheaters, and if he's not a feminist he's not worth the time.