Heartbreak Island contestant Shayna Maunder – everything you need to know

She has her initials tattooed on two people!
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Meet Shayna, a 28-year-old dental assistant from Tauranga.

Shayna describes herself as a tom-boy with a sassy side.

Shayna, 28.

Shayna in her own words

I’m spontaneous and I’m looking for a man who’ll be in on the action. I have my initials tattooed on two people, but I won’t dish the dirt on who has them just yet! I’m a bit of a tomboy, and love wakeboarding, snowboarding and motorbikes, but I also love getting glammed up for a girls’ night! My biggest deal-breaker is cheating and someone who doesn’t love dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs?

Describe yourself in three words…

Loyal, fun and chill

What is the most surprising thing about you?

I have my motorbike licence.

Describe your ideal date…

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to dates. I’d like to do something cool, then eat and drink. Simple!

Describe your ideal partner and what qualities they’d have…

My ideal partner would be someone kind, with a good sense of humour and who is adventurous.

Relationship deal-breakers?

Cheaters! And someone who doesn’t love dogs. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs?


Guys that smell good, who have a nice smile and who can make me laugh.


Someone arrogant, or has bad teeth.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Dave Franco.

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