Hayley Holt drops the f-bomb live on Breakfast TV

Matty McLean's face said it all.

Live TV can be tricky at the best of times, but when you're feeling relaxed it can all go awry. And that's what happened to Breakfast host Hayley Holt this morning when she accidentally dropped the f-bomb.
Trying to answer a seemingly innocuous question about how the size of a wave is measured, Hayley was unable to provide the right explanation and that's when it slipped out.
The camera was on weatherman Matty McLean at the time and his face said it all. Holding his hand up to his mouth in wide eyed disbelief, Hayley mirrored his fright and covered her mouth too, grabbing on to John Campbell's arm for support.
John, the consummate professional and gentleman of broadcasting that he is, did his best to change the subject and divert the attention away from Hayley.
They managed to make a relatively quick recovery, sweeping the incident under the carpet until Breakfast executive producer Jonathan Williams walked onto the set.
Hayley looked sheepish as John announced their boss' arrival, saying he was "giving Hayley the look." Newsreader Jenny-May Coffin did her best to console Hayley by assuring her "you're human. It's OK."
There have been a number of changes in the Breakfast set this year, with John Campbell replacing Jack Tame in April and Jenny May-Coffin replacing Daniel Faitaua in September. The new team has formed a strong bond already which has translated on screen.
Hayley spoke of her admiration for John only last week in an interview with Woman's Day, saying "He's a total asset and I've just learnt so much from him.
"He also allows me to be me – he'll celebrate the weird and wacky things that I say because he likes the fact that I'm a bit different. He's a very generous human being."
After today's incident she'll no doubt appreciate him a whole lot more. But Hayley can at least take comfort in the fact that on-air gaffes happen to the best of them - even John Campbell, who earlier this year was caught out talking about an interview subject while Daniel Faitaua was reading the news, not realising his mic was still on.
And that's the beauty live TV. You never know what's going to happen. And you always have to be on your toes.