Bored already? Here are five ways the men passed the time in the Bachelorette mansion

Let's not mention the numerous farting contests.

By Tyson Beckett
While everyone in New Zealand is getting used to life in isolation, there is one group of Kiwis who will be finding the transition easier than the rest of us.
No, not the people who've been hoarding canned tomatoes for the past ten years. It's the men who appeared on The Bachelorette this season.
For a couple of months at the end of last year, a group of men willingly went into an isolation bubble with a bunch of other blokes trying to date the same woman as them. They only left the confines of the bachelorette mansion for supervised dates and their every move was captured on camera.
They were admittedly bored out their brains, some going as far as describing their accommodations as prison-like, but when Jacinda Ardern announced the lockdown this week they must have felt a little relieved that they'd got a practice run in.
As we enter week two of lockdown let's review the tapes and get a bit of inspiration. Here are all the ways the boys entertained themselves while cooped up.

Gratitude circles

Liam Cochrane celebrated his birthday inside the Bachelorette mansion and chose to celebrate with a gratitude circle.
The principle is simple. You sit, stand or lie yourself and your bubble buddies in a, wait for it, circle and each take turns saying one thing you are grateful for in your life.
Liam's birthday circle gave us one of of the most genuine and touching moments of the season, Tavita Karika opened up about his mother's mental health struggles and how grateful he was to be in a position to help her.
I'm grateful that I've been a lazy, couch-based human all the life so I've barely noticed that we're on lockdown.


All together now!
Wherever Lesina goes, Logan and his guitar are sure to follow.
His earnest passion for an acoustic jam session elicited more than a couple of eye rolls in the house, mostly from Aaron McNabb.
But if the videos my mum keeps sending me of Italians singing Lady Gaga show us anything, it's that the group waiata is back and better than ever.
Get out on the nearest balcony Logan, this is your moment!

Fruit Olympics

Liam's a shoe in for the most intense individual apple eater.
If we're going to keep our immune systems fighting fit we need to keep up our fruit and veg intake.
And sure, we could make a quick smoothie at breakfast and get our five-a-day over and done with but we've got nothing but time, why not make it a day long activity?
The boys in the house competed in the fruit olympics, it's unclear what any of the events were exactly but it's likely to be the only olympics we get this year so get your bib number and your thinking caps on, we've got fruit waiting to be eaten creatively.

Talent Show

No-one seizes a cross-promotion opportunity quite like TVNZ.
This season of The Bachelorette alone saw pop-ins from Matt and Bree from Celebrity Treasure Island, Hayley from The Great Kiwi Bake Off as well as Kita and Anita from House of Drag, who were in no way there to promote the second season of their show but instead to judge the boys in a talent show.
And what talent we saw. Flynn had a whirl at drag, Jesse made a cocktail and Logan drew stick figures. Anything goes, you won't be worse than Glenn's rap.
Let's just leave the stripping to Marc though yeah? Especially if you're isolating with your family.

Truth or Dare

When the novelty of a new location (prison) had worn off in Argentina, the boys turned to a classic game of truth or dare to pass the time and lighten the mood.
Steve chose to eat toilet paper rather than answer his question.
It was a different time, toilet paper wasn't rationed back then. The good old days, remember them?
The final episode of The Bachelorette airs tonight Monday 30 March at 7.30pm, The After The Final Rose special will air on Tuesday 31 March at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.