Emma Stone and Ellen DeGeneres have an epic dance-off

The red-haired actress and TV host battle it out in Ellen’s new game ‘Last Dance’

By Sinead Corcoran
She’s about to appear on the big screen in movie musical La LA Land, and yesterday Emma Stone visited The Ellen Degeneres Show to show Ellen what she’s learnt.
The 28-year-old, who’s already getting Oscar buzz for her upcoming film performance battled the TV host in her brand new game ‘Last Dance’.
"It's kind of like Hot Potato dancing," the TV host said.
"We're each going to take turns doing whatever dance comes up on the screen behind us, and when you hear the ding that means it's the other person's turn and you have to freeze in whatever position you're in until it goes back to you.
When the music stops, if you're the last person dancing, you lose."
The Crazy Stupid Love actress was up for the challenge and performed a range of dance moves from twerking and the running man to choreography from Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.
The dancing duo had a slight hiccup however, when the screen behind them displayed spelling errors, rendering them confused about what move to do.
“Oh, the sprinkler! It says 'the spinkler!'" Emma said, bursting into a fit of giggles at one point during the challenge.
"What is 'the spinkler'? I was like, 'I do not know that one!'"
Ellen laughed off the various typos, joking, "I also had 'the roboot.' The spinkler is what I shall call you from now on."
La La Land marks Emma’s third onscreen pairing with co-star Ryan Gosling, and the star is looking forward to her fans seeing the flick.
"It's very exciting to be part of a movie that people are responding in a joyous way to," she said, "so that's what's fun."

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