Dancing with the Stars Week 1: Siobhan Marshall comes out on top

Outrageous Fortune actress Siobhan Marshall leads the contestants after Week 1 of Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars premiered on Sunday night and gave us our first glimpse at the Kiwi celebrities shimmying their way across the dancefloor for charity - and the coveted mirror ball trophy!
Shortland Street star Teuila Blakely and partner Scott Cole kicked off the first-ever show of the season with a rousing jive to 'Happy', in spite of a minor mishap with a flubbed lift at the end of their dance.
Each team that followed gave it their all on the first night of the show, but the judges scored Outrageous Fortune actress Siobhan Marshall and partner Charlie Billington highest for their energetic Cha-Cha to 'Uptown Girl'.
Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams
Other highlights from the night included Bachelor star Chrystal Chenery dancing a Jive to 'Shake It Off' (quite appropriate for the polarising Bachelorette!) with Jonny Williams and The Edge host Jay-Jay Harvey's spirited Jive to 'Candyman' with Enrique Johns.
On Monday night, hosts Dominic Bowden and Sharyn Casey revealed that all of the teams were safe! That means all 10 couples will be back to dance their hearts out for a second week, and another shot at taking home the title!
Jay-Jay Harvey and Enrique Johns
First week scores:
  1. Siobhan Marshall and Charlie Billington (21)
  2. Jay-Jay Harvey and Enrique Johns (20)
  3. Chrystal Chenery and Jonny Williams tied with Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kristie Williams (19)
  4. Ben Barrington and Krystal Stuart (18)
  5. Teuila Blakely and Scott Cole (17)
  6. Maz Quinn and Caryn Lim (15)
  7. Shane Cameron and Nerida Cortese (13)
  8. Simon Barnett and Vanessa Cole (12)
  9. Pam Corkery and Matt Tatton-Brown (11)

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