Our top three moments from Dancing With The Stars this week

Bringing you the best bits.

There's nothing like reliving the best bits from your favourite TV show, so this week we bring you our top three take-outs from week four of Dancing With The Stars.
1. K'Lee's comeback - after finding herself in the bottom two for a second time, and despite dancing her best dance yet with the tango, K'Lee had to compete in a dance-off against Anna Wilcox. But she came out fighting and the judges were impressed.
2. Amelia's sass - after Amelia and Willie performed their hip hop routine, the judges questioned whether it was actually hip hop. Amelia was having none of that, although she set them straight from the other side of the room.
3. Manu heating things up - when Manu performed the salsa, judges Camilla and Rachel began bickering over who would get to dance with him. What Rachel said was the best line yet, though - should Manu be very afraid?
Relive the fun and drama in the video above.
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