Our top three moments from Dancing With The Stars, week six

Bye, Walter. You'll be missed!

Week six of Dancing with the Stars was action packed. We saw Nadia show her sexy side. K'Lee show her fiery side. And William show his passionate side.
After facing elimination last week, William Waiirua brought the fire, giving us the fiercest rumba we've ever seen. The judges loved it. Camilla was "lost for words" and described the dance as "a complete showstopper."
Special mention to Clint Randell for his incredible Paso Doble, and Glenn Osborne for pulling it out of the bag once again with another incredible performance with Vanessa, this time with a Foxtrot. Julz was even gunning for "Glenn for Prime Minister."
But the last word goes to Walter Neilands, who, after pulling out acrobatics and even a magic trick, sashayed and quick-stepped across our screens for the last time.
He makes our top three this week along with K'Lee and Aaron Gilmore.
Watch and enjoy!
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Dancing with the Stars airs on Three on Sunday night's at 7pm and Monday's elimination episode at 7:30pm.