Is it just us or is Randell's ability to steam it up on the DWTS dance floor already rivalling last year's winner, Sam Hayes?

It's getting hot in here!

On Dancing With The Stars 2018, winner Sam Hayes showed everyone she had what it takes in week seven, putting on the steamiest performance the show had seen yet with a paso doble with partner Aaron Gilmore.
We all sat up and took note when their hot, hot performance catapaulted Sam, who has recently found love in her personal life, from "not expressive enough, again, sorry" to "wow - let's see more" from the judges.
The Three news presenter and journalist, who had found it a challenge to dismantle her cool-headed exterior and show her emotions on live TV, went on to win the series.
For Randell in this season of DWTS, we have not had to wait so long. This dad of two, who once came eighth in NZ Idol, has had no problem showing us how to heat things up on the dance floor.
In fact, he delivered the show's steamiest performance so far in only week two - performing a simmering Viennese Waltz with dance partner Brittany Coleman that would have given Sam and Aaron a run for their money.
The judges were impressed. In fact, they've been "blown away" by Randell's musicality and ability to express himself.
We couldn't help but go back through our files to compare the two dances.
Two different seasons, two completely different couples, but two very steamy performances.
Randell, a radio host for the Edge, has said on the show he's comfortable with acting out the intense emotions that some of the dances portray.
He is no stranger to the small screen, having worked as a children's TV presenter and dipping his toe in acting with credits in Kiwi telefeatures, The Kick, and Venus & Mars.
But could the dance floor be where he truly expresses himself?
As this year's competition ramps up , we can only imagine how much hotter it's going to get on the DWTS dance floor!