Whaddaya know - turns out David Seymour can dance!

'Oh my gosh dude, I can't even believe you just did that.'

By Karyn Henger
With only six stars left on Dancing With The Stars the competition is hotting up.
Sam Hayes is turning it up every week. Shavaughn Ruakere is fearlessly executing more and more daring lifts, and former cricketer Chris Harris is demonstrating footwork that would rival a professional dancer.
We all know ACT leader David Seymour, who consistently sits at the bottom of the leader board, is still only there because of the public vote.
But if ever there was a performance that just might convince you that David actually can dance, it was last night's. David pulled off a Viennese Waltz with his dance partner Amelia McGregor that was actually pretty good. He showed style. He showed grace.
Who knew the MP can dance?
"David you danced beautifully tonite!!" was one of the comments made on the DWTS NZ Facebook page afterwards.
"Wow I normally cringe when David dances but he did an awesome job tonight," said another.
One DWTS fan claimed they had "happy tears" watching David's waltz and another said: "Wow David, earning his spot."
Ironicallly, David revealed on the show that he had had even less time than usual to practise this week's dance because Parliament was back in session.
"Maybe less training is better," judge Julz Tocker quipped. "That is unbelievable...Where did that come from? Oh my gosh dude, I can't even believe you just did that."
"That was not bad at all. Tonight you proved to everyone that anyone can dance," judge Rachel White beamed.
"David is the surprise of the night!" announced head judge Camilla Sacre-Dallerup.
David and Amelia chalked up their highest score yet - a very respectable 21.
Last week emotions ran high on social media after the shock elimination of NZ's sweetheart Suzy Cato. Some social media users turned on David for still being among the six remaining stars.
But last night he might just have shown the public why he deserves to keep receiving their vote, and in a dignified move, he also addressed the online bullying and put his detractors in their place:
"I'm a politician and I'm kind of used to it - and, by the way, not many of these people online come up to me and say it in person. But for a lot of people it [bullying] really hurts and I don't want to be part of this whole bullying ritual or culture.
"That's why I'm giving my fee to Kidsline [the charity David is raising funds for]... People that text in are supporting Kidsline... What we're really saying tonight is that all bullying - whether in the workplace, whether it's at school - it's not okay and we want to send that message loud and strong."
David Seymour might not be the best dancer among the stars, and he does a terrible twerk. But he's on this show for the right reasons and he never gives up.
As well as the money that Kidsline will receive from votes, David and the now eliminated Gilda Kirkpatrick are also both donating their appearance fees to charities Starship and Kidsline, the NZ Herald revealed. It's understood the stars receive around $1500 a week to appear on the show.