The great Dancing With The Stars fake tan calamity

When spray tanning goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

There was only one thing that stood out in last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars. It wasn't Zac's amazing lifts, Jess' strange fringed outfit or the incredible exhibition dance put on by judges Julz Tocker and Rachel White. It was the overuse of fake tan.
Much like bodybuilders, dancers need to be tanned to look good on stage - and even more so on TV screens. But last night they went a touch too far. And when we say a touch - we mean completely overboard.
The tanning salon (Tan in the City in case you were wondering) even got a mention in the end credits, that's how prominently the show relies on them. But we can't help but wonder if something went wrong in this case.
If you think we're exaggerating, take a look at these pictures below comparing Chris Harris and his dance partner Vanessa in episode one to last night's episode.
Chris was by no means the only contestant to suffer an orange fate.
Sporting a fake tan that would rival the king of orange Donald Trump himself, Chris danced his way to the top of the leader board. But he might want to dance his way into the closest pharmacy and pick up an exfoliating kit to dumb that orange down.
Selenz Gomez was ripped to shreds on social media last week following her disastrous Met Gala appearance and we can't figure out if the tanning team were inspired by this, or if they simply went a touch too dark with the tan. Maybe they selected 'burnt orange' instead of 'healthy summer glow.'
Social media wasn't kind to Selena Gomez after this red carpet appearance.
Before you think we're picking on Chris, we're not. Because every single member of cast suffered to varying degrees, from the presenters to the dancers to the judges.
Take, for example, judge Julz Tocker. He performed an incredible dance with fellow judge Rachel White. But the ridiculous tan threatened to overshadow the whole performance.
Strange hairdo aside, it was the tan giving the biggest 'say what' moment.
There's no doubt Julz has a great body (he's single, ladies) but judging by the dark creases on his torso, it looked suspiciously like they'd 'enhanced' those abs with some contouring.
You can watch the full performance below. Post continues after video.
Poor Zac Franich had the misfortune of being dressed in orange - just to bring out the colour of his face even more.
We couldn't help but be reminded of that episode of friends when Ross gets a fake tan.
And even the lovely porcelain skinned Sam Hayes wasn't spared.
Sam looks wistfully back at the days when the only thing orange was her hair.
You know what it's like, girls, most of us probably have a fake tan disaster story or two to share. So here are our five tips to getting a great fake tan. Perhaps the team at Dancing With the Stars might like to have a read too.
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