Clint Randell shares his most memorable moment on Dancing With The Stars

''It becomes your world for so long,'' Clint says of the show. "When it's finally over, it's going to leave a weird hole in my life that wasn't there before.''

By Ellen Mackenzie
From leopard-print pants to crazy blond wigs, Clint Randell has had his fair share of wild outfits on Dancing With The Stars.
But the chipper radio star was more than happy to dress up as Patrick Swayze and put on a Dirty Dancing show with his partner Brittany Coleman for our photoshoot.
"Last time I watched the movie was at an outdoor screening," recalls the 33-year-old.
"After it had finished, you could tell everyone in the crowd just wanted to try the lift. We'd had a few beers at that point, so my mate's wife ended up running at me and I picked her up. All of a sudden, there were like 50 other people in the park pairing up and trying to do it too!"
Randell does his best Patrick Swayze impersonation for our photoshoot.
It's clear after seven weeks on the show that Clint's moves have extended far beyond drunken lifts in the local park.
From a colourful contemporary dance to an elegant waltz, his skills on the dance floor have impressed not just the judges but his fans and family too.
He tells, "My favourite dance we've done so far was from week two when we did the Viennese waltz. We surprised a lot of people – no-one thought I could dance like that. That moment was so memorable."
(You can watch his dance in the player above).
No-one's putting Randell in the corner - he says he's having "The Time of My Life".
Already, Randell's decided he'll have to keep dancing once the show comes to an end.
"Every time I think about how little time is left, I get a bit depressed!" he exclaims. "It becomes your world for so long. When it's finally over, it's going to leave a weird hole in my life that wasn't there before."

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