Married At First Sight’s Christie Jordee flies to Bali after breakup

After a painful split from Mark Hughes, Christie Jordee has flown to Bali to heal her broken heart
Christie Jordee

In the wake of her shock split from rural Victorian farmer mark Hughes, Married At First Sight star Christie Jordee has decided to help along the mending of her broken heart with a girl’s trip to beachy Bali.

With the help of her best pals, it’s clear that the bubbly brunette is enjoying her time relaxing in the sun with cocktails in hand.

Sharing a stunning poolside selfie, the fashionista wrote: “What a beautiful and relaxing day by the pool with cocktails. Thank you for having us @wbaliseminyak. Met some amazing people by the pool.”

Christie couldn’t help but smile on her relaxing getaway.

Other snaps show the 40-year-old exploring and dining around the popular holiday spot, dressed to the nines in an array of gorgeous bikinis and summer dresses.

But perhaps her best accessory is the smile that adorns her face, prompting fans to leave comments of love and support.

“Happy to hear you’re okay,” one fan commented in show of their sincere support while another added, “Sending you much love and strength.”

“The best way to help you through a break up is to head #overseas. Can you guess where I’m at?? #hardtimes #broken,” the reality star penned alongside this travel snap.

Mark and Christie shocked Australia when they dropped their breakup bomb seven weeks after the show’s finale in Woman’s Day Australia magazine.

Admitting that long distance eventually took a toll on their whirlwind romance, Christie said: “We were starting to fall in love but our heads got in front of our hearts.”

“We couldn’t get into the relationship because we’d see each other once a week, but then not the next. I felt like we were holding back because we knew we’d get hurt,” added mark on the tough nature of long distance.

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“Please remember no one wanted this to work more than both of us. It was mutual and we are still great friends, but still hard”.

While we’re happy to see that Christie is putting together the pieces and making the best of a bad situation, she only hopes that Mark can find another woman better suited to the farm lifestyle.

“I adore him. I’d love to see him happy with another woman.”

Now the only couple that remain from season two of the controversial dating show are Erin and Bryce.

This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day Australia

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