Chelsie McLeod wins Bachelor Matt Agnew's heart and yes, they're still together

''I've never believed in such a thing as the perfect woman until I met you.''

Fans everywhere rejoiced at the fairtale ending of this season of The Bachelor Australia, when Matt Agnew declared his love for Chelsie McLeod with the stunning plains of South Africa as the backdrop.
It was the happy ending last season's fans (and the two remaining contestants) were denied after Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins spectacularly failed to choose anyone at the finale.
Matt, however, was clear from the start that he was there to find love, and happily he's found it.
"I went in to this experience very optimistic and this is exactly where I wanted to end up. I wanted a love that is out of this world and I'm over the moon that I've found it," Matt confessed, after telling runner-up Abbie Chatfield that his heart belonged to someone else.
28-year-old chemical engineer Chelsie was concerned she hadn't spent enough time showing Matt how she "really" felt about him, despite telling him on their final date that she was in love with him.
Matt and Chelsie seal their love with a kiss against a stunning South African backdrop.
"The negative outcome scares me a lot," Chelsie told host Osher Günsberg when she arrived at the final ceremony to hear the fate of her relationship. "I think I'm worried I showed Matt who I was too late in the process."
However, all that fear faded when the 32-year-old astrophysicist laid everything bare.
"I've never believed in such a thing as the perfect woman until I met you," Matt told her. "You encapsulate everything I'm looking for. My biggest fear is opening up to that special someone and having my heart broken into a thousand pieces.
"My heart is fluttering and even though it could get broken in to a thousand pieces it's time to take the plunge and tell you how I feel. Chelsie, I love you."
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"I love how you giggle when you're nervous," Matt continued to tell a teary Chelsie, who couldn't quite believe what she was hearing.
"I love that you go full nerd as soon as there's some maths involved, and above all I love how to make me feel. You make me want to believe in fairytales because when I'm with you I feel like I'm in one."
Chelsie told Matt she had been "crying all day" because she was certain she was about to lose him. "I thought you were going to break my heart," she said. "And then you didn't break it. You made it whole again."
During the season, the rumour mill was sent into overdrive when it was reported in Australia that Matt had pulled a "Blake Garvey" by choosing a winner and then changing his mind. The Blake Garvey they were referring to is Australia's second Bachelor who, in 2014, chose a winner but then called the relationship off not long after and began seeing the second runner-up.
But this was firmly not the case, as Matt and Chelsie have revealed that despite a difficult period where they had to hide their relationship so as not to spoil the ending, they're definitely still together and looking forward to doing the normal things in life.
Speaking to TV WEEK, they reveald they're "excited" to move forward from the show together, and take their relationship out into the real world - away from the bubble of TV.
"I think doing normal things is great and something we're both looking forward to," Matt says. "But what we're most excited about is adventures.
"It's something we've talked about a lot and that can be something extravagant like going travelling to an exotic location that we haven't been before and exploring or it could be going for a hike on a Saturday morning..."
Matt and Chelsie share a love of all things nerdy.
And what about children? Matt has made no secret of the fact that he wants marriage and kids in the not-too-distant future. And Chelsie is on board with that - provided she gets a few more career wins under her belt first.
"Matt says he wants three kids and I want two," Chelsie told said "It's definitely something I want to do in the near future, but I want to achieve a few more things in my career first.
Of course, Chelsie thinks her astrophysicist boyfriend would be a "really good dad".
"He says he wants to be a very hands-on dad and even had the idea of being a stay-at-home dad," she adds, proving Matt is indeed a thoroughly modern man.
The Bachelor himself is over the moon. "I would be hard-pressed to say I've been this happy before – this is me at my happiest."
Congratulations to the happy couple!