Chelsea Winter’s cookbook triumph

The Kiwi cooking queen opens up about her journey to success post-MasterChef and her new cookbook

With the release of her long-awaited third cookbook Homemade Happiness this Friday, beloved Kiwi chef Chelsea Winter is on top of the world.
However, the road to success hasn’t always been smooth for the former MasterChef winner. As Chelsea reveals to Woman’s Day in this week’s issue, after the reality show wrapped she was tempted to go back to her former job as a banking marketer, lured by the comforting idea of financial security.
“It’s been a huge learning curve,” Chelsea says.
“After MasterChef finishes, you don’t have a career set in stone – there aren’t people running up to you to offer you this and that.”
Thankfully, she stuck to her guns and persevered with her dream of creating her first cookbook At My Table, and the rest, as they say, is history. Both At My Table and its follow-up, Everyday Delicious, flew off the shelves, and fans have been eagerly awaiting Chelsea’s third effort.
It’s been a labour of love for the 31-year-old, who admits to taking on too much at times. There have even been a few kitchen catastrophes during the testing process for her third cookbook, but Chelsea says the connection with her fans keeps her going through the tough times.
“I know it sounds corny, but sometimes I sit there and I have tears rolling down my face,” she says of the touching messages she’s received over the years.
For the full story on Chelsea Winter, grab your copy of this week’s Woman’s Day. Plus, find out how you could win one of 50 signed copies of Chelsea’s new cookbook Homemade Happiness.

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