The top five moments from Celebrity Treasure Island this week

Tears, tantrums and public shaming. Celebrity Treasure Island had it all this week!

This season of Celebrity Treasure Island has been chock-full of incredible television moments.
We've seen Karl Burnett bravely sharing his mental health struggle with the nation, master manipulator Lily McManus convincing Sam Wallace and Eric Murray to get their gruts off and just about everything in between.
If you thought that we were due a quiet week, what with all the other car-crash tv on at the moment, you've been taking too many naps under the coconut palms because the action did not disappoint.
To catch you up with all the drama that went down in the Kahu and Mako hopuni this week, here are our top five moments of the week:

1) Matty McLean breaks down after his elimination

In the words of Bree Tomasel "you are f---ing good enough" Matty!
While he dominated in the first elimination challenge, the past couple of episodes have seen Survivor super-fan Matty struggling to keep his wits about him.
Becoming increasingly frustrated at his team's fixation with physical strength over mental sharpness and game play, Matty spent most of his airtime this week trying to convince his team mates he was a worthy use of the mercy card.
He had us convinced he could go all the way but unfortunately even getting hit in the gonads with a gigantic bamboo pole wasn't enough to convince captain Gary Freeman and Matty became the seventh person to leave the island.
It was all too much for Matty who saw his reality tv dreams come crashing down in front him.
A distraught McLean started sobbing in co-host Bree Tomasel's arms, telling her, "I've just gone through so much of my life not feeling like I'm good enough."
After a buoying reminder from Bree of the huge impact he'd had on the game Matty composed himself enough to regain some perspective and utter the instantly iconic phrase, "I don't need to prove myself to Barbara Kendall!"
We'll miss Matty on our screens, but are secretly glad he didn't make it to the merge so he didn't have to find out that Sam Wallace has never seen The Lion King.

2) Team Mako lose their minds over Tim-Tams

Yes chocolate biscuits!
After surviving solely on rice, coconuts, lentils and Shannon Ryan's pity sandwiches for 10 days, Mako needed to win a food challenge or they were in dire risk of Shane Cameron hulking out.
Luckily the product placement gods were shining on them on Sunday night when they came back from an early 4-3 lead by Kahu in a weird ball catching challenge to win a pack of every niche variety of Tim Tam under the Fijian sun.
Cue scenes of euphoria. Flava DJ Athena Angelou was in tears and Shane repeatedly yelled "TIM TAAAAAMS" at the top of his voice.

3) Sam Wallace gets publicly called out by Shannon Ryan

Hands up if you took credit for someone else's hard work.
As new team member Moses Mackay quickly found out, there are a lot of egos at play in the Kahu camp.
This delicate balance was on show for all to see after Kahu lost the face-off challenge on Monday night. Their defeat meant they not only missed out on a stack of Pizza Hut pizzas, but would also have to choose a new captain.
Asked about the loss Sam admitted he was "pretty disappointed" not to do better at the the ball scoring.
"I got the first two down and basketball's my sport so to choke up and not get that third one hurts a fair bit"
This was news to the recently de-captained Shannon who snapped back "Sam wont be getting my vote, don't trust your judgement, I got one of those balls in dude, you claimed both of them!"
Luckily Sam is a chill guy who can just laugh this sort of thing off.

4) Eric Murray has a tantrum when he’s not made captain

Looks like you're really getting through to them Eric.
While team Mako noshed down on some tasty sponsored pizza content the members of Kahu were busy bickering over who would replace Shannon as captain.
When it became clear that Sam and Eric weren't sticking with the original plan to elect Jodie, the girls decide to "shaft you right back" by putting their votes behind wildcard Moses.
Sure enough, when the votes are tallied Moses, who until very recently was a member of the opposition team, is declared the new captain of Kahu and all hell breaks loose.
Eric sees red, storms off down the beach yelling "there's the game f*@$ed!" before returning to "try to relay my message the best I possibly could".
Apparently that means yelling in the girls' faces and telling them he wasn't going to let them speak.
Nice one, Eric.

5) Everything about the game changes as the team merge is announced

On Tuesday night we said goodbye to legendary Kiwi actor Jodie Rimmer at the elimination challenge, leaving just eight players remaining in the game.
At this point co-host Matt Chisholm, who this week revealed he would leave TVNZ at the end of the year, announced the teams would be merging into one.
This landmark moment signals the end of team focused play and the game now pivots in favour of individual strategy.
From here on out it is every celebrity for themselves and we can't wait to see what happens.
Celebrity Treasure Island screens Sundays, 7pm on TVNZ 2 and continues Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm