Wow! It's anyone's competition! says Carol-Ann Hanna on Dancing With The Stars

Never has the former DWTS dancer and judge seen so many strong contenders for the glitter ball.

By Carol-Ann Hanna
Wow, what a weekend on Dancing With The Stars that was! Sunday night produced a great performance from Randell once again. If he keeps this up he is definitely heading for the final.
K'Lee was back up there again, Manu delivered another great performance and Walter showed us on no uncertain terms that he is not the competition's David Seymour this year!
This week there did seem to be a turnaround, with some of the couples that have been very strong in the last couple of weeks given a run for their money by those who are showing improvement every week. This really is anyone's competition.
It was sad to see Jonny and Carolyn go. They had shown such potential and were very strong in the first two weeks. However, this week they were in amongst some very strong performances. I felt they could have gone further, however I thought they lacked the connection that some of the other couples are managing to show very early in the partnerships.
This week is going to be the start of the tough weeks as they have less and less time to prepare the dances. This is where it really ramps up, with couples still having to produce their wide shot video of the completed dance by Thursday morning. Over the next three weeks they will have to ramp up the practice hours and the professional dancers will have to come up with new strategies and new ideas to get them through each round.
My original picks for the top four have now changed!, and I really hope that every week they keep changing because we have a real competition on our hands this year. All of these stars can dance - and they can dance well - so the professional dancers will be loving this. It will be just like one of their regular competitions!
I absolutely loved, along with the judges and probably most of New Zealand, Laura Daniel and Glenn Osbourne's performances.
I think that the scores could have been a little higher for these two. I am really loving some of the choreography and show-type routines coming out of the professionals. I think for the coming weeks we are going to see more of this, as clearly the judges are liking it too!
I loved William Wairua's dance. He is consistently good every week, and fun. It is really great to see the stars enjoying this journey.
I really also have to make special comment this week on the opening dances. They are great to watch and a really exciting opening to each show - perfectly showcasing each of the celebrities and also giving a taste of the professionals' dancing at full pace.
DWTS long-timer Nerida Cortese, who was runner-up in the series in 2006 when she partnered Shane Cortese, is responsible for these. Nerida also mentors and helps the dancers through the week - a tough job but she is showing her absolute talent and expertise in continuing to produce this week after week.
Of course, each week, along with learning their own dances all of the cast also need to learn these opening dances and there are two nights of dances to learn (Sunday's and Monday's), so it's three dances a week they need to remember and perform!
I am really looking forward to Sunday night because it's now that the competition starts to really get tough.