Caitlyn Jenner discusses her views on gay marriage

The reality star opened up about the hot-button topic during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres

By Keren Sim
Transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner has put her life under the spotlight, first as part of the Kardashian family and now on her own docu-series I Am Cait, but the 65-year-old still had a bombshell up her sleeve during a recent appearance on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
In her interview, Caitlyn described herself as a “traditionalist” who had previously been against same-sex marriage.
“I’m older than most people in the audience, and I kind of like tradition, you know, and it’s always been a man and a woman,” Caitlyn told Ellen.
However, she added that she was now “okay with it” and wouldn’t want to stand in the way of anyone else’s happiness.
“If that word ‘marriage’ is really, really that important to you, I can go with it,” she said.
It was a surprising admission for the former Olympian, whose public transition from man to woman has captivated many all over the world. Even Ellen herself was taken aback by the confession, as she later revealed during an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show.
“She still has a judgement about gay marriage,” Ellen said.
“And I said, ‘You’re wanting people to understand and accept you … and you still have a judgement about gay people and marriage.’
Ellen - who has been married to Portia de Rossi since 2008 - added that Caitlyn's views on same-sex marriage were "confusing" to people.
“I don’t really know her and I’m trying to understand it because I don’t fully understand it either, but I also want everyone to be happy,” Ellen went on.

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