Body language expert analyses Married At First Sight couples - and what she says explains a lot!

The shocking outcomes were brewing right before our very eyes! Here, Suzanne Masefield breaks down and analyses what the couples' body language was telling us.

It's been shock after shock in this season of Married At First Sight Australia, and we've been glued to our screens as instances of infidelity, deceit, break-ups and make-ups and even wife swapping have unfolded before our very eyes.
But if you look back and unpack the body language of some of the couples as they've opened up to the show's experts on the couch each week, you can see that some of the shocking outcomes were brewing well before they happened.
We just didn't know what we were looking at.
Body language specialist Suzanne Masefield has worked with corporations and individuals in the areas of body mind analysis, body language and understanding [facial] micro-expressions for more than 20 years, and says she's been fascinated by the interactions between the couples on MAFS.
She's seen fear of intimacy, frustration, animal attraction and confused withdrawal as individuals have struggled to understand their partner's behaviour.
Masefield says we all give away far more information about the way we're feeling through our body than we do through what we say:
"Body language is a reflection of everything we are thinking and feeling. Every time we have a thought, it creates an emotion in us and then that's transferred into the body, consciously or unconsciously. Knowing how to read it correctly is one of the most important things that we can all learn about ourselves and how we connect with other people."
When the couples were on the couch together that's when they gave away the most, she says.
In this video Suzanne Masefield analyses the body language of Justin and Carly, Tracey and Dean and Sarah and Telv.
She reveals that while Justin seemed disinterested, his aloofness had more to do with his inability to connect - and how sad that made him feel.
Tracey may have seemed long-suffering, but she was turning over everything in her mind and in the end came to the conclusion that viewers had hoped she would come to.
Meanwhile, Sarah and Telv's body language shows they were streaks ahead of the other couples in terms of trust. It's a huge shame they have not worked out.