All the single ladies! The Bachelorette NZ is coming to our screens and applications are already open

That's right - it's the ladies turn this time.

We've seen three seasons of The Bachelor NZ to date - each with, let's face it, varying degrees of success.
Art Green and Matilda Rice from season one are the most enduring love story. They got married earlier this year in a romantic Waikeke Island wedding and have a baby on the way. Tick.
Zac Franich and Viarni Bright from season two made it past the show but broke up a few months down the track. Semi tick.
And then there was Jordan Mauger and Fleur Verhoeven. Who can forget Jordan dumping Fleur after the final show aired. Epic fail.
Given the men have had more than their fair share of the limelight, its high time the tables were turned and a woman got the power. And TVNZ have come to the party, announcing this morning that they're casting for New Zealand's first ever season of The Bachelorette.
Ladies, form an orderly queue!
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"The Bachelorette has been responsible for fairy-tale endings around the world and if you're a single woman ready to take a chance on love, this could be your happy ending" the press release reads.
"From romantic dates to cocktail parties and rose ceremonies, the Bachelorette will be joined by some of New Zealand's most eligible men on the adventure of a lifetime.
"But this time it's the Bachelorette who will be taking control and asking the all-important question "will you accept this rose?'"
No word yet on how hopeful Bachelors can apply, but for now applications are now open for women over 18.
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If international versions of the franchise are anything to go by, new Bachelors or Bachelorettes are often people who already have a profile - think Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins. The former Wallaby turned out to be Australia's most controversial Bachelor yet when he spectacularly failed to pick anyone at the finale. Before him there was another high profile Australian lead in former Bardot singer Sophie Monk.
And then there's the other option - the unlucky-in-love from previous seasons. This worked out pretty well for the Australian franchise when they cast Matty J as their Bachelor. Matty had his heart broken by Georgia Love in The Bachelorette, but went on to find everlasting love with Laura Byrne in his season of The Bachelor. The pair welcomed their first child together - a baby girl - last month and are also planning their wedding.
When it comes to the New Zealand's past contestants, one person is top-of-mind - Lily McManus, who got to the final two in Zac's season but was let go because Zac felt like he'd be holding the wild child back.
Lily has since appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games, where she found love with Australian Bachelor contestant Courtney Dober. Sadly, they announced their split last year. Lily makes for great television, and hasn't given up on reality TV - she's currently in Fiji filming TVNZ's reboot of Celebrity Treasure Island.
Whether TVNZ choose to go down the well-known route, or whether they pluck someone from obscurity, the hunt is on. If you're interested in becoming the next Bachelorette, you can apply here.
The Bachelorette will be screening on TVNZ 2.