The Bachelor NZ: Looking back at the Top 3

As Jordan makes a tough choice between the last three remaining bachelorettes, we're taking a look back at their highlights from the show

With one more bachelorette set to go home tonight, Jordan Mauger has a tough decision ahead of him as he chooses his final two on The Bachelor New Zealand.

Whiloe Fleur, Erin and Naz still hoping for a shot at love with the hunky 32-year-old, it’s anyone’s guess as to who Jordan will say goodbye to!

Before that happens, we’re taking a look back at the remaining three bachelorettes and their highlights from the show.

Jordan Mauger faces a tough choice ahead of him tonight as he nears the end of his search for love on The Bachelor NZ – but who will he choose? Will it be Fleur, Erin or Naz?

Feisty Naz made her intentions towards Jordan very clear from the start, and the 25-year-old landscaper’s boldness looks to have paid off!

Jordan and Naz’s connection has developed slowly over the course of the show, with the pair enjoying several romantic one-on-one dates together.

Pictured: Jordan and Naz hit the beach during a date.

While Naz’s relationship with the other women in the house has been rocky at times, the brunette beauty has never wavered in her affections towards Jordan.

Pictured: The couple enjoy a scenic flight in Hawaii.

Although she appears to be one tough cookie, Naz has also shown her more vulnerable side on the show.

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The Bachelor NZ: Naz marks her territory

Pictured: Jordan gets to know Naz’s family.

Meanwhile, Jordan has also grown closer to blonde bombshell Erin over the past few weeks.

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The Bachelor NZ Erin and Jordan play chess

Jordan is clearly taken by the 26-year-old, who counts rugby, hiking and water sports among her hobbies.

The pair love to laugh together.

Pictured: Jordan and Erin lock lips during their one-on-one time.

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The Bachelor NZ Erin and Jordan make sparks fly

In Monday night’s episode, Jordan got to meet Erin’s family.

Jordan and Fleur hit it off early on in the series.

The pair certainly know how to have a laugh together!

However, it’s clear Jordan has strong feeling for the 26-year-old blonde beauty.

It’s clear Jordan is smitten with Fleur – but their relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing!

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The Bachelor NZ Fleur and Jordan discuss their future

The couple have a heart-to-heart during their Hawaiian getaway.

Fleur and Jordan, The Bachelor NZ

In the past, Fleur has struggled with being able to fully open up to Jordan.

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The Bachelor NZ Fleur reveals why she doesn’t want to lose Jordan

In Monday night’s episode, Jordan got a closer look at Fleur’s love for her family.

Who will Jordan choose?

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